Professionalize your Twitch-Stream or eSports Team

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Benefit from the Shikenso Partner Program

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Start your stream and always be listed on the poleposition on Shikenso - The Frontpage.

Exclusive Invitations

Benefit from our exclusive contacts and be considered as a special guest on gaming events and gaming fares - for free!

Test new games first

Be a guest for exclusive Alpha & Beta Game events and even earn money streaming brand new games!

Social Media

Take advantage of our Social Media reach and promote your livestream with our help.

Calendar & Schedule

Create your own streaming schedule and professionalize your stream with the Shikenso Calendar. You even get free Impressions from time to time!


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What's the catch?

If you're talented or entertaining but haven't had a chance to show the world, the Shikenso Partner Program is your chance to change it. We want to build a long-term partnership with you and lead your Stream to the desired success. And while we try to establish the Shikenso calendar as the most advanced tool for all types of games and eSports events, you are already making your contribution by spreading it!

  • Reliable and secure platform
  • Verified company from Germany
  • No contractual obligation
  • Plenty of features and an easy to use calendar


Our performances to your needs

Free Calendar Impressions

As a Shikenso Partner we provide you with unlimited paid Calendar Impressions for free, exclusively for your special events.

eSports Teams Service

Shikenso believes you should focus on what you do best - win games! That's why we maintain your Shikenso calendar for free and do all the work for you by adding your events, keeping them up to date and everything else to keep your calendar clean. You win - we do the work.

Support - Anytime, Anywhere

If you want to organize certain events and need help in any way, Shikenso is always ready to support with all available resources to make it succeed.

4 Steps to become a Shikenso Partner

1) Register on Shikenso and click on the "My Calendar" tab and hit the red "Plus Button" to create your Public Calendar. Don't forget to checkmark the "public" box.
2) Create your events by simply clicking into the calendar and following the instructions. Please note: Choose the right calendar at the end of the creation process.
3) Click on the "Share" Button on your public calendar and place your Banner into your Twitch Panel.
4) Fill out the application form on the bottom of this page and send us a link to your stream so we can check that your schedule has been implemented correctly.

After we reviewed your application we will analyze your Calendar usage and how good you're using it to interact with your Twitch audience. This means - the more you promote your calendar to be used by your audience, the higher the chance to become a Shikenso Partner.
It usually takes 14 days for us to decide about your partnership. We will also tell you if we need more time.


Choose one of the following Banners for your Twitch Panel or create your own one!

Applicant vs. Partner

Apply today and become a Shikenso Partner to professionalize your Hobby


  • Free Calendar Usage


  • Free Calendar Usage
  • Live on Shikenso Frontpage
  • Free Calendar Impressions
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Gaming Events
  • Sponsoring Support