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Your Shikenso Calendar

The Shikenso Calendar offers all eSports-related information at one glance. It can be freely customized for your business model to match the need of your customers.

Optionally, you can monetarize your traffic through product and branding placements by our Shikenso Affiliate Partners.

  • Embeddable
  • Customizable
  • Individual Filter
  • Monetarization
  • Mobile Optimization

We connect your Product with eSports and Gaming

With our Shikenso partner program we have created a large network of streamers and eSports sites. Both during live streams and on our eSports partner sites - your ad is shown to your specific target group.

You can specify your target group by games, genres, console or pc and many more options.

eSports API

Real-time Data

Always be up to date with current live scores of running tournaments.

Quality through AI

We ensure the quality of our eSports data through self-learning and self-improving algorithms.

Customized Filter

Our eSports API is designed to meet the criteria of your business. You decide which data you want.

Relevant Games

We deliver accurate match data for LoL, Dota2, CS:GO and Overwatch.

Data Level

Data from live matches, teams, tournament information, image material and many more.

Fair prices

We do not charge you with extraordinate fees - you only pay for the data you demand!

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Artificial Intelligence

data collection

open source



Neural networks
Random forest
Logistic regression




Streamer: Male Class: Shaman Class: Warlock Mana: 4/5 Mana: 4/5 Streamer: Male Deck

Image Analysis

Image Classification

Categorization of images, e.g. whether an image is a game character or a field.

Object Detection

Shikenso Eye detects objects in a game scene.

Object Tracking

Objects are tracked to follow a relevent game sequence.

Text Analysis

Natural Language Processing

We break down language into shorter, elemental pieces, to understand relationships between them, to automaticully find the meaning.

  • Document summarization
  • Topic discovery
  • Content categorization
  • Contextual extraction
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Speech recognition