Sponsorship Analytics.

We offer scalable Sponsorship Analytics for your Marketing campaign. We detect your brand positionings and evaluate what your target group thinks about your product. You focus on your campaign - we deliver transparency.

Chat Evaluation

Text Analysis

Keyword Evaluation


How often was
your brand mentioned?
Measure and compare!
a) All brand mentions
b) Mentions of your competitors
c) All chats of a specific game


How popular is your brand?
Know your target group!
More efficient sponsoring in LoL or CS:GO?
Is my campaign hitting?

Sentiment Analysis
Trigger Chat Reaction


Market research where your target group is.
Why do people buy your product?
or not!

Video Analysis

Brand Recognition


Transparency of sponsorship


All data and facts about your brand impressions within your campaign. Get full control of your sponsorship by enabling the Shikenso tracking algorithm.

  • Check impressions of your product
  • How many viewers did it reach?
  • How long was my brand visible on the screen?
  • How big was it proportional to screen size?


Popularity of your brand

How popular is your brand and which community has the greatest affinity? Which influencer are the right ones to partner with?



Media Value

With our analysis and the right CPM you can easily measure the monetary value of each impression. Your sponsoring is measurable and comparable.


Social Media Monitoring & News Article Tracking.

Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Youtube - our Analytics tool do not only work on twitch. Choose our Social Media Analytics to get a 360° view of your campaign. And with our News Article Tracking we monitor whether the media is talking about your product.

Brand Involvement

Is your brand or product mentioned? And if yes, how does it come - how can it be replicated?


What do your customers on social media think about your products?


What's the total audience you reach and how is it distributed?


Does your product animate people to engage and to take sides? Is your brand a "We Brand"?

Used by

Esports1 Logo
Die gute Zusammenarbeit mit Shikenso brachte unseren Usern und Zuschauern digital wie im TV im eSports-Bereich einen deutlichen Mehrwert.
Hauke van Göns,
Head of eSports
Freaks4u Logo
Die Videoanalyse hilft uns dabei unser Angebot stetig zu verbessern und neue, spannende Projekte für unsere Communities zu bauen.
Raphael Baur,
Director of Product Management
Dreamhack Logo
Das Shikenso-Team steht jederzeit mit Rat und Tat zur Seite und setzt Wünsche professionell und kreativ um. Deshalb ist die weitere Zusammenarbeit für uns beschlossene Sache.
Stephanie Scholz,
Projektdirektorin der DreamHack Leipzig
XMG Logo
Durch den Shikenso Report erhalten wir transparent alle nötigen Informationen zu unserer Marketing Kampagne.
Philippe Dams,
Marketing Manager - Gaming

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