Calendar & Esports API

The Shikenso Calendar offers all tournaments in one frame. It's free and you can embed it into your website.

For data only, you can use our RESTful Esports API.

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  • Embeddable
  • Customizable
  • Free
  • Mobile Optimization

Video Analysis


All data and facts about your brand impressions.


How popular is your brand and which community has the greatest affinity?

Media Value

With our analysis and the right TKP you can easily measure the monetary value of each impression. Your sponsoring is measurable and comparable.

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Twitch Chat-Evaluation

Keyword Evaluation

Keyword Evaluation

When and how often do people talk about your brand.

Keyword Evaluation

Opinion Mining

Which opinion does the chat have about your products? And what do they really think about your brand?

Keyword Evaluation

Ask Twitch!

Conduct market research exactly where your target group is. We're going to find out why people buy your products - or not.

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