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All data transferred to your personal Dashboard

In your own individual Dashboard, everything you need is available with one click. Visualize your marketing efforts, challenge the results, create automated reports.

Video Analysis

Performance of every live stream impression of your brand

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Rate the placement and size of your brand exposure.

Based on live-streaming and video on demand footage, our analysis tool will determine the on-screen position of your exposure and analyse it together with its respective size.


Evaluate the frequency and duration of each impression.

Across a number of simultaneously running streams our analysis tool will evaluate how often your logo-overlay appears on-screen and display the length of each exposure.


Measure the view count of your brand placements.

During all relevant broadcasts we evaluate impressions in dependency to its concurrent viewers and show peak performances of your logo and product impressions.

Chat Evaluation

Gain insights behind the scenes of your target group

Chat evaluation comparability shikensoChat evaluation sentiments shikensoChat evaluation keyword shikenso


Count all keyword mentions of your campaign.

Through a peak performing esports live stream, hundreds of chat lines will be posted every second. We make sure, that all mentions of your brand are filtered within this process.


Discover the atmosphere within the community.

All filtered keywords are categorized in positive, neutral, and negative association. You will discover how popular your brand is and get familiar with your target group.


Understand how effective your brand truly is.

Find out the preferences of your target group through our live chat analysis. Reveal where their affinity lies and evaluate your activities relative to your competitors.

Social Media Monitoring

Social Media and Content Marketing put to the test


Find out which platform is the most important for your activity.

We enable cross-comparability between all relevant social media platforms to analyse the significance of each individual channel in relation to your target group.

Social media comparability shikensoSocial media visibility shikenso


Track your impact even without explicit brand mentions.

No text or hashtag mentions are required to trigger our algorithms. We will also spot you if your brand is merely displayed in an image or a video.


Retrace your campaign impact to each post on your brand.

Find out exactly which post had the greatest impact by analyzing each in terms of likes, comments, shares and impressions.

Traceability shikenso social media

Why Shikenso ?

Sponsorship Metrics

Relevant data leads to more insights. More insights lead to better decisions. Through our 360° analytics solution we provide you with all relevant KPIs regarding your media value. By using Machine Learning to deliver automation and scalability, we enable your organization to increase its efficiency throughout every step of your campaign. Thanks to our advanced artificial intelligence solution, we are sponsored by the technology startup programs of the Deutsche Telekom and Nvidia as well as by the hardware technology companies WesternDigital and XMG.

Performance Measurement

By detecting your brand positioning and determining your perception among your target group, we provide you with a deeper understanding of your sponsorship activities within the esports and gaming community. For this purpose, we cover all relevant social media and streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Esports Expertise

Being part of the gaming community is at the heart of who we are. By combining an extensive gaming and esports background with perfect business knowledge, we ensure the success of your sponsorship engagement within the ecosystem.

Personal Care

Staying connected to the right information at the right time and place is crucial for the success of your sponsorship engagement. Our analysts not only ensure that all data is subject to a quality check, but also help to exploit the full potential of all the collected data. With our assistance, data-oriented decision making becomes a key competence of your organization.


These partners already accelerate with our solution

Si gaming logo shikenso

At SK Gaming, we always strive to enhance the value of our sponsorships and Shikenso Analytics helps us to do just that. The entire team has been incredibly supportive from day one and we are looking forward to working together!

Jens Wundenberg, SK Gaming

Chief Operating Officer
blast premier logo shikenso

Creating successful and long-term partnerships with leading brands around the world is hugely important to BLAST and our future ambitions. Being able to provide partners with in-depth reports, showcase the value in partnering with BLAST and help us analyse how to improve our offering goes a long way to achieving this. Shikenso’s bespoke and innovative approach to brand analysis will help us to continue to provide value to our portfolio of commercial partners and create further brand solutions.

Leo Matlock, BLAST Premier

VP Commercial
Stark logo shikenso

With the AI Service from Shikenso we are able to monitor the various social media platforms of our Broadcast partners which helps us to understand how our content is being used and how it performs. In addition the information is beneficial for approaching our media partners and within the process of product development.

Dennis Galejski, DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga GmbH

Deputy Head of Audiovisual Rights International
Ad hoc gaming logo shikenso

Trust and transparency are vital components of building and maintaining relationships with our high class brand partners. With the ongoing success of Prime League and more major brands joining our vision in building a sustainable eco-system within the German-speaking region it is clearly our goal to show the value of our partnerships. With Shikenso we found an independent partner who will support this with reliable and data driven analyses and identify how best to engage with our passionate fan base.

Marco Niemann, Freaks 4U Gaming

Vice President Commercial
TSG_Hoffenheim logo shikenso

With our entry into esports, it was clear to us that we cannot rely on subjective assessments regarding the effectiveness of our activities. The Shikenso Dashboard helps us enormously to track the performance of our esports engagement for our partners in a transparent and clear way.

Alexander Wahler, TSG 1899 Hoffenheim

Head of Sponsoring and Sales
Stark logo shikenso

Esports is purely digital and reliable numbers to validate the ecosystem and individual assets are fundamental. What makes it so challenging compared to traditional marketing is, that we see different channels, various communities and often complex ecosystems in terms of league and tournament structures. The team at Shikenso has the proper understanding that is needed to collect and edit esports data the best way possible. We also appreciate that we are able to bring in our own ideas and inputs at any time and therefore we see Shikenso as the perfect partner to cover our needs.

Marcel Sandrock, STARK Esports

Managing Director
Ad hoc gaming logo shikenso

We’ve been working together with Shikenso for several months now and since the beginning it has helped us provide a deep and detailed look into the performance of our partnerships. At the end of the day you and your partners not only want but need to know, how assets, channels and campaigns perform with regards to visibility, activation and conversion. Without any doubt we proudly say, that with Shikenso, our controlling of marketing assets and reporting of the outcomes reached a completely new level of quality and knowledge.

Michael Baumgärtner, ad hoc gaming

Head of Marketing
Ad hoc gaming logo shikenso

Esports is often praised as an attractive environment for brands to reach a young target audience. But esports still lacks a reliable and uniform data basis and data evaluation. The cooperation with Shikenso gives us the opportunity to provide a transparent & independent evaluation of the esports activities of our clients and thus a databased and brand-strategic focused consultaion for brands within esports

Dorothee Acker, OMG FUSE

Group Account Manager Esports & Gaming
Si gaming logo shikenso

DETONATOR, streamer production, are working with young and talented streamers. For us, it is crucial to proof our market value to our sponsors and Shikenso is the perfect solution for us. We can proof our value compared to other streamers, or Twitch and YouTube native advertisements.

Masashi Yamazaki, DETONATOR

Head of Business Development

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