20. November 2017

Shikenso Raffle

Dear Shikenso Community,

today we want to announce some great news to all of you. This week, our first Shikenso raffle is going to take place and we are really looking forward to give away 3 vouchers for Steam or Battlenet (Blizzard App) worth 20€ each. The raffle starts this Monday 20th November 2017 18:00 CET and lasts until Sunday 26th November 2017 18:00 CET. The winners will be chosen randomly and contacted via Email.

Follow these 2 simple steps to participate in the raffle:

1.Register on Shikenso.com  
2.Use the “Push a streamer” feature while watching a streamer on Shikenso

Congratulations, you are now automatically taking part in the raffle!

If your favorite streamers aren’t yet registered on shikenso.com and you absolutely want to push them, tell them to sign up on Shikenso and sync their account to Twitch. This process only takes 2 minutes.

Please make sure to also share these great news with your friends, since the raffle is going to take place once a week from this day on!

This is just the beginning of how we want to reward you for sticking with us, helping us to improve the website features and provide you with the best quality content we have to offer.


Thank you very much for being a part of shikenso.com - Esports Tournaments & Calendars!

Team Shikenso


10. November 2017

esports Calendar

Due to the large number of esports tournaments and games, it is difficult to keep an eye on everything as an enthusiastic esport fan. To solve this problem, we wanted to create a structured overview using calendars. For each game there are different tournaments with different playing times and teams. With our calendar function you can either follow the desired tournament of your interest or simply follow the game of your favorite team.


                                                                                   esports Tournament Tab


The esports calendar is designed to help everyone organize their own events in the world of esports and never miss a match again. To use the calendar, you must create your own folder. For each esports tournament calendar there is also a Liveticker, which refers to the upcoming games and at the same time makes suggestions on which stream the game will be played. To follow the tournament, simply click on the following button and import the tournament into a folder of your choice. If you are only interested in individual games, you can click on the event in the calendar and follow it.


                                                                                   Dreamleague Season 8 Calendar


This allows you to view multiple tournaments and games at a glance without having to visit different sources of information. You can also assign colors to the calendar to create a structure within your own folder. The star and the number next to the calendar icon on the left bar indicate how often a calendar is followed by the community.


                                                                                  My Calendar


Deactivating or checking out the followed esports tournament calendars will show or hide the individual games.

For more information on how to use the calendar, watch the link below:

Shikenso Calendar tutorial

Our goal is to optimize the calendar in the long term and to become a central point of information about esports. We hope that we can provide each user with all the necessary data to help them organize themselves and save time in obtaining this information!

We are looking forward to every feedback and comment and hope that we can develop a useful product together with you.

Your Team Shikenso!

08. November 2017

Promote your Stream

We would like to offer all streamers the possibility to show their channel on our platform. There are many talented and entertaining streamer, but due to the dense mass of streams it is hard to build a community. We want to support the streams to get more viewers they deserve.


Two steps are required to get started:
1. Registration on shikenso.com
2. Sync your account with Twitch and get started!
After these steps your stream will be shown on the frontpage and will draw attention to our visitors - the community can push your stream as well and rank you higher.
Have fun and enjoy streaming!


06. November 2017

Shikenso Filter

As passionate gamers, we want to see how a particular Dota 2 hero is beeing played, or how to reach the rank Legend in Hearthstone with our favorite class. To help you find the right content without having to click through hundreds of streams, we came up with a new idea. That's why we developed an algorithm that analyses streams and uses neural networks to recognize, learn and store the game environment at runtime.


                                                                                         Image recognition software to match Malfurion on stream


We would like to know which games and filters you need, to help you find the desired content! We will occasionally start a poll to find out what the community wants.

With our Shikenso Beta release we offer 3 Game Fiilters - Dota 2, Hearthstone and Overwatch. All these games also have gender filters, but we don't assume your gender - the algorithm does!

Test our filters and enjoy your streams!

06. November 2017

Organize yourself now!

We are proud to present our first version of the Shikenso calendar. Follow your favorite events and streamers.
Share your own calendar with your viewers and inform the world about your schedule.



To use these features, register on shikenso.com and get started.
Create as many folders as you like, name them, assign colors and organize tournaments, streams and almost everything else. The shikenso calendar can be used for everyday appointments as well such as birthdays dates or any other event.

You can add 2 different types of calendars:

1.Create a private calendar to follow streamers or tournaments to have everything at a glance. This type of calendar can only be seen and used by you and will not be publicly accessible.

2.Create a public calendar to share information, events, streams or other announcements. You may also submit your personal streaming schedule or create an entertaining collection of schedules and fuse them into a calendar to share with the Shikenso community and the rest of the world.

Organize your calendars according to your wishes and always be informed about future events!

06. November 2017

Stay up to date


Get the latest information and news about updates and events on our social media channels. Follow us and share the content with your friends.

Meeting the wishes of the community is a big priority for us. We therefore invite you to comment on our posts. Send us feedback by email and stay in touch with us to  develop a platform that meets our expectations.

Thanks for your support!


Facebook:    https://www.facebook.com/shikenso/

Instagram:    https://www.instagram.com/shikenso/

Youtube:      https://www.youtube.com/shikenso/

Twitter:         https://twitter.com/ShikensoMedia


06. November 2017

We are live!


We are proud to present our platform for an unprecedented streaming and viewing experience to the world today! With shikenso.com, we hope to have developed a website that bring streamers closer to viewers and vice versa by providing you with straightforward concepts to organize your streaming and gaming experience.



A variety of features are henceforth available on shikenso.com:

…If you are a passionate streamer, you can…
•    synchronize your Twitch account with us and submit your streaming schedule,
•    publish your calendar and share it with the world,
•    be found by viewers who are specifically looking for the type of content you offer through our own stream filter system,
•    be featured on the front page with the support of the community,
•    promote your stream and spread your gift of entertainment and your deep knowledge of gaming.

…If you are an avid viewer, you can…
•    create your own customizable calendar to follow different games, teams, tournaments and streamers and have all the necessary info at one glance,
•    support your favorite streamers by pushing them to be discovered by others,
•    find the streams that is tailored to your interests by using our fitler system

We are a small startup company, and each one of us has loved gaming from childhood. Just like you, we are passionate about our favorite games, we kick back in the evening laughing with our favorite streamer, and we find ourselves in heaven when our favorite teams win their deserved tournament titles. This is why we intend to build a platform which is made for all of us alike and which will be continually improved upon with the help of the constructive critisicm from the community. Tell us about what features you have been missing and we might just implement it for you! If you enjoy our features, help us by spreading the word to your friends and your fans!


Find us on

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