Conditions of participation: Gamescom competition from Shikenso on Instagram

The competition:

We're giving away one €50 voucher between anyone who will take part in our Instagram competition.
This means every 12 year old+ who posts a picture with Shikenso-Staff or participating partner, uses the correct hashtag and follows us on Instagram will qualify for the competition. Depending on where a participant posts the picture and if he follows us, the participants will get additional tickets.

To enter the competition, post the photo on Instagram with the correct hashtag(#shikenso) and follow "Shikenso" on Instagram.

In addition, the photo can also be shared on Facebook or Twitter(with the same hashtag). Extra tickets are also available for a "follow" of the above mentioned social media.
Multiple enrolments are permitted in the various social media as long as one person does not register more than one time.
Each image can only be used by one person, i.e. each person needs their own photo to participate. Anyone who does not comply will be excluded from the competition.

Employees, their close relatives or partners who work closely with Shikenso are excluded from the competition.

Ticket allocation:
10 tickets for a posted image on Instagram with the hashtag #shikenso

10 tickets for "following" on Instagram

10 tickets for posting on Twitter with @ShikensoMedia

5 tickets for "following" on Twitter

10 tickets for posting on Facebook and linking "Shikenso" 

5 tickets for following "Shikenso" on Facebook

That makes 50 tickets per person.

What do you win?
50€ for an online gaming service of your choice (for example: or Steam)

No distribution of general vouchers (Paysafe Card or Amazon voucher etc) or vouchers for gaming betting portals.

Start and end of the competition:
Start: 21.08.2018 09 AM CEST
End: 25.08.2018 08 PM CEST

When will the winner be announced?
Sunday, 26.08.2018 at 08 PM CEST

How is the winner determined?
The winner is determined by randomly drawing a ticket from the pool.

Additional additions:
- Winnings cannot be transferred to other people
- Winnings will be sent to the winner via Instagram by personal message
- The winner agrees that their account name will be published in a "winner post" on Instagram.
Legal action is excluded.
All data that we collect for the competition to ensure the ticket allocation will be deleted after the competition.


Good Luck

Team Shikenso

Partner Program

We proudly announce the launch of our new Shikenso Partner Program!

The Shikenso Partner Program is for streamer who are talented, entertaining and want to grow. We want to push good content creators while improving our tools together with the community. That's why we are looking for partners who are creative, inspiring, motivated and reliable.

Our Partner Program offers you additional promotion for your stream. Start your stream and always be listed on the pole position on Shikenso, the frontpage!
Take advantage of our Social Media reach. Benefit from our exclusive contacts and be considered as a special guest on gaming events and gaming fares - for free!. Giving you the opportunity to get in touch with new people and use our network to find sponsors or other partners you can cooperate with. Be a guest for exclusive Alpha & Beta Game events and even earn money streaming brand new games. Get access to all our tools for free and create your own streaming schedule to professionalize your stream with the Shikenso Calendar. Use the experience of our team to help you organize and promote your own projects. Additionally, you will get free impressions from time to time, thus you can promote your own streaming events.

Follow our 4 step instruction guide on our official partnership website


We will thoroughly go through all applicants and you might be one of our new partners!

What are you waiting for? Become one of our Shikenso Partners!

Use your chance now!

Team Shikenso

05. March 2018

Hey everyone,

Win 2x15 Hearthstone packs by simply following these 2 Steps:


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Good luck to everyone!

28. February 2018

Hey everyone,

Win 15 Hearthstone packs by simply following these 2 Steps:


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Good luck to everyone!

18. February 2018

Hey everyone,

This week we are giving away a PUBG key! Join the battlte or share a key with your friend!


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Good luck to everyone!

11. February 2018

Hey everyone,

Try our updated League of Legends filter and win 3250 Riotpoints:


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Good luck to everyone!

05. February 2018

Hey everyone,

this weeks raffle is all about the Horde vs the Alliance.

Win a 20€ Battlenet Voucher by following these 2 easy steps:


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Good luck to everyone!

31. January 2018

Hey guys,

another Raffle this week to win 20€ Steam Voucer :


1.Follow us on Twitter

2.Tag your favorite Streamer


Good luck!

30. January 2018

Hero Blocks

During the Dreamhack some exhibitors had the opportunity to present the development of their games. One company was very conspicuous with their yellow t-shirts, sunglasses and funny wigs. These people were from the company Hero Blocks to introduce their game Block Sport.


At first glance at the game, you thought you would see the game Rocket League. However, the game has nothing to do with Rocket League except the mechanics of a ball. Blocksports has introduced a completely new genre. A crazy mixture of ball sports and arena fighting. Each player can decide for himself how he wants to play the game. Focus on fighting to defeat his opponent and make him or her motionless? No problem - the game offers enough opportunities to fight your opponent in an epic arena battle.

Or would you prefer to be more conservative and put the ball in the opposite goal with breathtaking combinations? Hero Blocks offers all this and much more.



                                                                                             Viking Warrior


I was lucky to have an interview with Team Hero Blocks CEO Carsten Nissen.

I was very interested in his team, as they were an eyecatcher with their entertaining looks. The team is international and has employees from many different countries. Carsten has not only managed to build the right team but is also able to lead the team globally as a central point.


When asked how it came to the idea of developing such a genre, I first found Mr. Nissen's answer to be a gag. But after a short time, I realized that he was completely serious. The inspiration came from a group of seniors, who beat a balloon with a plush baseball back and forth in a video clip. Of course, I had to search and watch the video and here it is:





Thereupon I only had to laugh with my statement that you must be either crazy or brilliant to develop a new esport game inspired by such a video. Hero Blocks offers many different Hero’s to go into combat. Every Hero has its strengths and is unique with its abilities and attributes. There are many skills in the game to create an advantage for yourself. Speed dashes to catch up with your opponent, tie the ball magnetically or launch missiles from a distance at your enemy or deflect the ball and much more!


This year the team will let us have a look at their Alpha version and you have the opportunity to test the game with an Alpha-Key at the same time. I can recommend everyone to try out the game and have fun with their friends in the arena while playing either 1v1 up to 6v6.


Follow Block Sport on their channels to learn more about future releases!

Hero Blocks



I would like to thank Carsten Nissen for his time and the great interview.

Team Shikenso

(German version below)


It's friday morning, the 26th of January. At 5 o' clock in the morning the alarm clock rings and a new day beginns. In a few hours we will be entering the halls of Dreamhack 2018 in Leipzig in our red sweaters and radiating faces.

We, the start-up company Shikenso founded in Frankfurt am Main by primary school friends, have set ourselves the goal of creating a platform on which passionate gamers can find exactly what they are looking for through professional and structured data processing. Our artificial intelligence-based algorithm analyzes Twitch streams in real time and scans them for specific parameters such as heroes, ranks, etc. and makes them available to all Shikenso users.

In addition to constantly refining the AI and our Esports Calendars, we have set ourselves the goal of accompanying ambitious streamers on their journey to become a Twitch partner and beyond, supporting and promoting them with our expertise, reach and sponsorship partners.

At this year's Dreamhack, we were accompanied by the young, energetic student and Shikenso Streamer xRonjaaa (Instagram & Twitter) who recently discovered her passion for streaming. With Shikenso as her first official supporter, Ronja was able to experience first-hand that we are pursuing and executing our new sponsorship project with enthusiasm and determination. She was also able to learn that regular work pays off in streaming as well, and so her viewer numbers grew from 10 to an average of 40 loyal viewers in just a few months, some of whom she was even able to meet personally at Dreamhack. Ronja also did not miss out on networking and she got to know other streamers daily and managed to get first-hand insider advice from more experienced streamers. On our way back, she answered our question whether she could even stream on Monday, despite a short night with the following phrase: "Of course! At some point it's just like brushing your teeth, you wouldn't want to go to bed without it."

No sign of fatigue, but enthusiasm is higher than ever. Are you a streamer and would like to get the opportunity to join us at a gaming convention? Here are some tips on how to become the next "chosen one":

Step 1: Register on & synchronize your Twitch account by navigating to "settings" and clicking the "authenticate" button.

Step 2: Contact us via email and let us know that you would like to participate in the promotion program. Add some information about your stream, such as the average amount of viewers, most streamed games and finally a few information on yourself.

Step 3: Always remember this! Regularity and loyalty pays off at Team Shikenso! Particularly hard-working streamers are periodically contacted by our talent scouts via social media - so keep an eye on it!

Finally, we wish you a lot of fun on
















Team Shikenso



Freitagmorgen, der 26. Januar. Um 5 Uhr in der Früh klingelt der Wecker und doch bekommt man das Grinsen nicht aus dem Gesicht. In wenigen Stunden werden wir die Hallen der Dreamhack 2018 in Leipzig in unseren roten Pullis und strahlenden Gesichtern betreten.

Wir, dass in Frankfurt am Main von Grundschulfreunden gegründete Start-Up Shikenso, haben es uns zum Ziel gesetzt eine Plattform zu gestalten, auf der leidenschaftliche Gamer durch professionelle und strukturierte Aufarbeitung von Daten genau das zu sehen bekommen, wonach es ihnen gelüstet. Dabei kommt unser auf künstlicher Intelligenz basierender Algorithmus zum Einsatz, der Twitch Streams in Echtzeit analysiert und nach spezifischen Parametern wie Helden, Ranks, etc. scannt und für die Nutzer zur Verfügung stellt.

Abgesehen von der Verbesserung unserer KI und des Esports Calendars, haben wir uns zum Ziel gesetzt, aufstrebenden Streamern auf ihrer Reise zum Twitch-Partner und weit darüber hinaus zu begleiten und sie mit unserer Expertise, Reichweite und Sponsoring-Partnern zu unterstützen und promoten.

Zur Dreamhack 2018 hat uns dieses Jahr die junge, energische Studentin und Shikenso Streamerin xRonjaaa (Instagram & Twitter) begleitet, die ihre Leidenschaft für das Streamen erst vor Kurzem entdeckt hat. Mit Shikenso als ihren ersten offiziellen Supporter durfte Ronja aus erster Hand erleben, dass wir unser neues Sponsorship Programm mit Enthusiasmus und Tatendrang verfolgen und umsetzen. Sie durfte auch erfahren, dass sich regelmäßige Arbeit auch im Streaming auszahlt und so wuchs ihrer Viewerzahl in wenigen Monaten von 10 auf mittlerweile durchschnittlich 40 treuen Zuschauern, von denen sie einige auf der Dreamhack sogar persönlich kennen lernen durfte. Auch das Networking kam für Ronja nicht zu kurz und sie lernte täglich andere Streamer kennen und ergatterte sich Insider Tricks aus erster Hand. Auf der Rückfahrt antwortete sie auf unserer Frage, ob sie den Stream am Montag, trotz kurzer Nacht überhaupt wahrnehmen könne: „Natürlich! Irgendwann ist das wie Zähne putzen, ohne das willst du auch nicht ins Bett gehen!“ Von Müdigkeit also keine Spur, die Begeisterung hingegen sei höher denn je.

Du bist Streamer und möchtest auch die Möglichkeit bekommen uns auf einer Gaming Messe zu begleiten? Hier einige Tipps wie du der nächste Auserwählte werden kannst:

Step 1: Registriere dich auf & verbinde deinen Twitch Account über die „Settings“ und „Authenticate“

Step 2: Kontaktiere uns via Email und teile uns kurz mit, dass du am Promotion Programm teilnehmen möchtest. Füge einige Informationen über deinen Stream hinzu wie z.B. durchschnittliche Anzahl an Zuschauern, meist gestreamte Spiele & kurze Vorstellung deiner Person.

Step 3: Bleib‘ am Ball, denn Regelmäßigkeit und Loyalität zahlt sich beim Team Shikenso aus!

Besonders fleißige Streamer und Streamerinnen werden immer wieder mal von unserem Talent Scouts über Social Media Kanäle kontaktiert – habt deswegen immer ein Auge darauf!

Und jetzt wünschen wir euch eine Menge Spaß auf


E-sportliche Grüße,

Team Shikenso

22. January 2018

Hey guys!

after many hours of hard work we finally made it: our League of Legends filter for Twitch streams is now online!

What can I search for?
For example, you can search for a particular champion, let's say

And if you are looking for a fresh game, you can also choose the category Early Game.

To see what Champions are Meta right now use the Tier filter Tier 1.

Want to see a specific lane, just filter out the lane of your choice Mid Lane.

You can also combine all filters with each other!


How does it work?
The filter is based on artificial intelligence that analyzes the streams at runtime and categorizes the image of the streams. This makes it possible to identify champions, levels or lanes. The filter learns and improves by itself. As a result, the possibilities are almost unlimited.

If you like our feature, we are looking forward to your feedback.

Have fun with our filter! And if you don't like something, it is even more important to let us know for the future :)

What do you think?

RP Giveaway

To celebrate the start of our League of Legends filter, we are holding an RP Giveaway on Twitter.

your Team Shikenso

15. January 2018

(German version below)


In an unspectacular hall, surrounded by green areas and hundreds of parked cars, she has been at home for several years now. No, we’re not talking about aunt Berta and the annual family reunion (okay,... it was flat) we’re talking about the DotaLan in Kassel!

More than 350 enthusiastic participants met from 04.01. - 07.01.18 in the large Nordhessenhalle in Volkmarsen and spent an  unforgettable weekend and we from Shikenso were right in the middle of it.

You'll be wondering, "What are 350 people doing in a big hall if it’s not a basketball game?"

Well, this is the first time that the Shikenso team wanted to pursue these questions and we would like to share our experiences and impressions with you!



The DotaLan is like a school trip. Holiday atmosphere, good-humoured people (sometimes in a way too good mood...), the meeting and hanging out with friends or the relaxed playing of card and board games.

Some people would say it's much more like a festival and that can't be denied. The beer pong tables, portable soundboxes, loud music and the huge number of beer bottles support the festival feeling. To be in a position to have your own opinion about it, you must have experienced it yourself and we are looking forward to the summer!


The name of the event DotaLan tells us everything... you might think, but it is much more than the meeting of enthusiastic Dota2 players. From the notorious "feeder" to the top 50 in Europe, all gamers are represented.

At the biggest German DotaLan event all sorts of characters, or heroes like you would call them in Dota2 hang around. Although outside temperatures were frosty, the hall was cosy and warm thanks to the hundreds of PCs and thousands of watt consuming power supplies (as well as electric water heaters, toasters, sandwich makers, waffles, mini-ovens!). My colleague and I were quite astonished when some chicken wings were baked on a table while a bunch of people was playing card games.



You might almost think that if anarchy could work somewhere, then here on the DotaLan among friendly and relaxed gamers. After all, bonfires are forbidden in the least that's a good thing! Furthermore, although you can find almost all the popular and current games like PUBG, Overwatch, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, Fortnite, etc. on the monitors, the main focus is *drumroll... * Dota2. Makes sense, right?! The semi-annual Dota2 tournament was sponsored by Shikenso this year with a total prize money of 120€ and we would like to thank the winners once again for the many exciting ingame moments and congratulate them at the same time!



Many of the tournament matches were followed on the DotaLan Livestream, which attracted more than 1000 spectators. The two casters Fewa (Fabian) and Blacklight (Alexander) both knew how to communicate this in a professional but also very entertaining way. In addition to the talented casters, we were also able to get to know the outstanding TV & media team, who warmly welcomed us and gave us a glimpse behind the scenes. Among other things, we learned that even the best-dressed people in front of the camera like to wear a sock & flip-flop combination on their feet..., at least as long as no one can see it, right?!


On Saturday the 6th of January 2018 Arwin from Team Shikenso was in front of the camera live with Blacklight and was allowed to present and explain the website as well as all features to the numerous Livestream viewers. The main emphasis lay on the unique Shikenso Calendar, which can be described as a kind of "digital television magazine for Esports Events". For example, Dota2 tournaments can be viewed and with the handy "follow & notification" functions you will be notified when the desired tournament match is about to start. A respective app is already planned and will be developed during the course of the year. In addition, during the live streaming, the game filters operated by artificial intelligence were also introduced, which allow the viewer of live streams to search for specific heroes, ranks or other features (varies from game to game, but filter options for the games Dota2, Hearthstone, Overwatch & very soon League of Legends are currently available. More to come soon!)


The presentation of our completely free website was a milestone and the whole team of Shikenso would like to thank the organizers of DotaLan for making this possible. Finally, the website is a community project that was created by gamers for gamers & esports enthusiasts to fully meet their needs and desires (at least the ones regarding gaming ;)).

We from the team of Shikenso had our stand right in front of the 2nd most important meeting point of the event. Correct, the food counter. We were able to share our product and our ideas about the rapidly developing Esports market with dozens of Lan visitors. We presented and explained the functions and advantages of our website and exchanged information with an astonishing number of programmers and IT staff and were very grateful for every feedback received.




The Shikenso booth also featured two rare and highly sought-after Arcanas (digital game content for Dota2) and 3 official Shikenso hoodies. These were raffled to the lucky winners on the second last evening and the bright faces will be remembered for a long time.

They' be remember just like all the great people we met at DotaLan. A particularly warm greeting to the entire organization and media team, which has done an incredible job this weekend! Thank you very much and see you soon,

your team Shikenso.





In einer unscheinbaren Halle, umgeben von Grünflächen und hunderten von parkenden Autos ist sie seit nun schon seit mehreren Jahren zu Hause. Nein, damit ist nicht Tante Berta und das alljährige Familientreffen gemeint (okay,…der war flach), sondern die nahezu kultstatus-behaftete DotaLan in Kassel!

Mehr als 350 begeisterte Teilnehmer fanden sich vom 04.01. - 07.01.18 in der großräumigen Nordhessenhalle in Volkmarsen ein und verbrachten dort ein unvergessliches verlängertes Wochenende und wir von Shikenso waren mitten dabei.

Man wird sich fragen: "Was haben denn 350 Menschen in einer riesigen Halle zu suchen?"

Nun, dieser Fragen wollte zum ersten Mal auch das Team Shikenso nachgehen und hiermit möchten wir unsere Erfahrungen und Eindrücke gerne mit euch teilen!



Die DotaLan erinnert an eine Klassenfahrt. Urlaubsstimmung, gut gelaunte Menschen (teilweise zu gut gelaunte…), das Treffen und Abhängen mit Freunden oder das entspannte Spielen von Karten- & Brettspielen.


Manch anderer würde behaupten sie habe viel mehr etwas von einem Festival und auch das lässt sich nicht von der Hand weisen. Die Bierpong Tische, tragbare Soundboxen, laute Musik und die Unmengen an Bierflaschen untermalten das Festival-Feeling. Um eine eigene Meinung darüber haben zu können, muss man es selbst erlebt haben und wir freuen uns schon auf den Sommer!


Der Name des Events DotaLan verrät schon alles...möchte man meinen, doch sie ist wesentlich mehr als das Zusammentreffen von begeisterten Dota2 Spielern. Angefangen vom notorischen „Feeder“ bis hin zu den Top 50 Europas sind sämtliche Gamer vertreten. Auf der größten deutschen DotaLan-Veranstaltung tummeln sich alle möglichen Charaktere, oder Helden wie man sie in Dota2 bezeichnen würde. Obwohl draußen frostige Temperaturen herrschten, war es in der Halle dank der hunderten von PCs und abertausenden von Watt fressenden Netzteilen (sowie Wasserkochern, Toastern, Sandwichmakern, Waffeleisen, MINIÖFEN!) kuschelig warm.  Mein Kollege und ich staunten nicht schlecht als während des Karten Spielens auf einem Tisch einige Chicken Wings im Miniofen gebacken wurden.

Man könnte fast meinen, wenn Anarchie irgendwo funktionieren könnte, dann hier auf der DotaLan unter freundlichen & entspannten Gamern. Gänzlich ohne Regeln kommt man dann aber doch nicht aus, immerhin sind Lagerfeuer in der Halle verboten und das ist auch gut so! Außerdem, obwohl man auf den Bildschirmen so ziemlich alle gängigen und aktuellen Spiele wie PUBG, Overwatch, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, Fortnite, etc. vorfindet, liegt das Hauptaugenmerk, *Trommelwirbel…* bei Dota2. Logisch! Das halbjährlich stattfindende Dota2 Turnier wurde dieses Jahr von Shikenso mit einem Preisgeld gesponsert und wir möchten hiermit den Gewinnern noch einmal ganz herzlich für die vielen spannenden ingame Moment danken und ihnen gleichzeitig gratulieren!


Viele der Turniermatches konnten auf dem DotaLan Livestream verfolgt werden, der mehr als 1000 Zuschauer anlockte und packte. Die beiden Caster Fewa (Fabian) und Blacklight (Alexander) wussten das auf professionelle, aber auch sehr unterhaltsame Art und Weise zu kommunizieren. Neben den talentierten Castern durften wir auch das überragende Fernseh- & Mediateam kennenlernen, die uns herzlich aufnahmen und einen Blick hinter die Kulissen gewährten. Unter anderem erfuhren wir dort, dass selbst die best-gekleideten Leute vor der Kamera auch mal gerne eine Socken & FlipFlop Kombination an den Füßen tragen..., sieht ja niemand, oder?!


Am Samstag den 06.01.18 stand dann auch Arwin vom Team Shikenso live mit Blacklight vor der Kamera und durfte den zahlreichen Livestream Zuschauern die Webseite sowie sämtliche Features darin vorstellen und erläutern. Hauptaugenmerk lag dabei auf dem einzigartigen Shikenso Calendar, der man sich als eine Art "digitale Fernsehzeitschrift für Esports Events" vorstellen kann. Beispielsweise Dota2 Turniere können somit eingesehen werden und durch die praktische "follow & notification" Funktionen erhält man entsprechend eine Benachrichtigung, wenn das gewünschte Turniermatch in Kürze beginnt. Eine dazugehörige App ist bereits geplant und soll im Laufe des Jahres entwickelt werden. Außerdem wurden während des Livestreams auch die durch künstliche Intelligenz betriebenen Gamefilter vorgestellt, die es dem Zuschauer von Livestreams ermöglichen, gezielt nach gewissen Helden, Rängen oder anderen Merkmalen zu suchen (Von Spiel zu Spiel unterschiedlich, Filteroptionen für die Spiele Dota2, Hearthstone, Overwatch & sehr bald League of Legends sind aktuell verfügbar. Weitere werden folgen!).

Die Vorstellung unserer vollkommen kostenlosen Website stellte einen Meilenstein dar und das gesamte Team Shikenso dankt an dieser Stelle den Organisatoren der DotaLan uns dies ermöglicht zu haben. Schließlich ist die Webseite ein Community-Projekt, dass von Gamern für Gamer & Esports Begeisterte erschaffen wurde, um ihren Ansprüchen und Wünschen gerecht zu werden.

Wir vom Team Shikenso hatten unseren Stand direkt gegenüber des 2. wichtigsten Sammelpunktes des Events. Richtig, der Essensausgabe. Dort durften wir mit etlichen dutzenden Lan-Besuchern unser Produkt sowie unsere Ideen rund um den sich rapide entwickelnden Esports Markt teilen. Wir präsentierten und erklärten die Funktionen und Vorteile unserer Webseite und tauschten uns mit erstaunlich vielen Programmierern und IT-lern aus und waren für jedes erhaltene Feedback sehr dankbar.




Am Shikenso Stand gab es außerdem zwei seltene und begehrte Arcanas (digitaler Spieleinhalte für Dota2) sowie 3 offizielle Shikenso Hoodies zu gewinnen. Diese wurden am vorletzten Abend an die glücklichen Gewinner verlost und die strahlenden Gesichter werden uns lange in Erinnerung bleiben.

Genauso, wie all die tollen Menschen denen wir auf der DotaLan begegnen durften. Ein besonders herzlicher Gruß und geht an das gesamte Organisations- & Medien-Team, das vergangenes Wochenende wirklich unglaubliches geleistet hat!

Herzlichen Dank und bis bald, euer Team Shikenso.

04. January 2018

Happy new year!

Starting 2018 with a new raffle to win 3x 20€ Bnet/Steam Voucher!

1.Follow us on Twitter HERE



Good luck to everyone!

Team Shikenso

01. January 2018

Dota esports schedule

We hope everyone had a good start into the new year. We are looking forward to a year full of exciting esport tournaments. In order to keep the overview, here are some important Dota tournaments until February that will start soon! Follow your favorite tournaments or teams on


04.01 - 07.01 - Follow Captains Draft 4.0 Calendar                     

15.01 - 21.01 - Follow Galaxy Battles Calendar           

23.01 - 28.01 - Follow Esl One Genting Calendar        

01.02 - 04.02 - Follow Starladder i-League Invitational Calendar            

20.02 - 25.02 - Follow Esl One Katowice Calendar


Enjoy great upcoming events and exciting games this year!

Team Shikenso


28. December 2017

New years raffle

For new years we have started another raffle!

Win 3x20€ Steam/Bnet Voucher!

1.Follow us on Twitter HERE



Good luck to everyone and have a happy new year!

Team Shikenso

20. December 2017

Update 0.2


Our new update has been released recently - we will continuously develop the Website with the help of the community!

Following features have been added:


Reworked Global Calendar

The Calendar has been reworked with a better UI. Additionally, games can now be filtered above the Calendar by simply clicking on the game icons. Chose any event within the calendar to get more information on the tournament and follow them!

Event Notification

You don't want to miss an important game/event and be reminded? No problem - just click on any event of your interest and checkmark the notification field before following it. You'll get an E-mail 15 minutes before starting.

Improved Search Bar

If you are searching for a specific tournament or stream - simply use the search bar and we will give you suggestions based on relevance and redirect you to your desired tournaments or streams.


Follow us to stay updated! We always appreciate feedback and new ideas to create an awesome Website with you together - don´t hesitate to contact us!


We wish you all a nice Christmas time with your friends and family.

Team Shikenso


13. December 2017

Dota Lan Kassel


The largest German Dota 2 LAN tournament, the DotaLAN Kassel, takes place twice a year for four days. At the 5vs5 tournament, several thousand euros in prize money and other prizes will be handed out. Here you can see some of the tournament matches live and watch the teams fight their way into the final.

Would you like to play along with the ever-growing prize pool or just enjoy the festival atmosphere around this LAN for 4 days with other Dota players? Just take a look inside and see for yourself. Information can be found on



13. December 2017

Stream&Bnet Giveaway


Our weekly raffle goes on! This time you can win either a 20€ Bnet or Steam voucher!

All you need to do is to follow us on twitter and comment with a funny Christmas slogan for gamers HERE

The 3 funniest slogans will be rewarded with a voucher!


Good luck!


09. December 2017

Weekly esports schedule

9th of December - 15th of december

As we are reaching the end of this year -  the last major tournaments will end soon and everyone can enjoy their christmas holidays. It has been an amazing year for esports, and we are looking forward to another and even more crowded year of esports in 2018! Nevertheless don´t miss these last tournamenst!



Another Minor championchip.Eight teams will fight for $300,000 USD and 300 Qualifying Points for The International 2018.
Follow the MDL Macau Calendar



The league is touted as the first 'truly global professional esports league featuring franchised teams representing cities from all around the world.

Follow the Overwatch League Calendar


League of Legends

There are two events: The team All-Star tournament, and the 1v1 tournament. Eight regions are competing in the team tournament, 16 players in the 1v1 event.

Follow the All Star Event Calendar


Counter Strike

The ESL Pro League S6 is going to end very soon. Only 4 teams remain. Who is going to take the champion title?

Follow the ESL Pro League Season 6 Calendar



Trinity Series is a Hearthstone team league featuring eight of the top Hearthstone teams competing in a brand new team-based competition. With the new expansion we can look forward to some new decks and fun plays!

Follow the Hearthstone Trinity Series Season 2 Calendar 


Team Shikenso wishes everyone a nice Christmas time and a happy new year. Take your time from work and play some games with your friends and enjoy yourself!

07. December 2017

Kobolds and Catacombs

Win 3x 15 Packs by simply following us and retweeting this post on twitter.

The 3 lucky winners will be announced via Twitter on Dec 10, 7 PM CET Good luck! : )


Team Shikenso

01. December 2017

Weekly esports schedule

1st of December - 3rd of December

Dreamhack Winter 2017 has started - prepare for an awesome weekend of exciting games from teams all over the world. DreamHack is the world’s largest digital festival. DreamHack’s core and origin is the LAN party. The events are a platform for esports, knowledge and creative competitions


Dreamleague is back with Season 8 as the second Major of the season.Eight team from all over the world will compete at Dreamhack Winter 2017 with an overall prize pool of $1.000.000. USD. We are looking forward for great games!

Follow the Dreamleague Season 8 Calendar



For all Hearthstone fans and enthuastic players Dreamhack allows all players all over the world to compete against each other. The competition has some notable players like Sjow, Crane333 and BunnyHoppor.

Follow the Dreamhack Winter 2017 Hearthstone Calendar



Even Smash found it´s way to Dreamhack Winter 2017. With an overall prizepool of $10.000 USD it is going to be excited to see our favorite Nintendo characters fighting for the title!

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Counter Strike

Eight teams have gatehered to compete for an overall prizepool of $50.000USD. We are going to see some exciting games between big teams like Mousesports and Na'vi.

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Enjoy a great weekend of Dreamhack and cheer for your teams!

Team Shikenso


24. November 2017

Weekly esports schedule

24th of November – 1st of December

Welcome to the first esports blog of shikenso. Here you'll find the best upcoming esports events for the week on a regular basis. To ensure that you don't miss any major events, we try to cover the week's most important tournaments. At the same time, you can follow the tournament calendar with a single click to keep up to date. We hope this will make it easier for you to start your weekend with esports.


Counter Strike

This week the Blast Pro Series will take place in Denmark, Copenhagen, at the Royal Arena.

There are 6 teams competing for the title and $125.00 in prize money. Team Astralis as a Danish team has home advantage. Are they going to take the victory? It will be exciting - and we are looking forward to great games.

Follow the Blast Pro Series Calendar



The first minor event in China, Shanghai. 10 teams compete for a prize of $300,000 and qualifying points for The International 2018, with Vici Gaming and Newbee competing for the spot into the grand finals. Team Secret has to fight their way through the lower bracket. Exciting games are expected - don't miss the events!

Follow the Perfect World Masters Calendar


League of Legends

League of Legends may now rejoice - on Sunday the KeSPA Cup in Korea will continue. Will we see a rematch between SK1 and SSG? It remains exciting.

Follow the KeSPA Cup Calendar


Heroes of the Storm

At the weekend, the battle between countries continues in the Nexus Games Europe tournament organized by Blizzard. The remaining 8 countries compete against each other. 

Follow the Nexus Games Europe Calendar


Have a nice weekend and enjoy watching your favourite teams and games!


Team Shikenso









10. November 2017

esports Calendar

Due to the large number of esports tournaments and games, it is difficult to keep an eye on everything as an enthusiastic esport fan. To solve this problem, we wanted to create a structured overview using calendars. For each game there are different tournaments with different playing times and teams. With our calendar function you can either follow the desired tournament of your interest or simply follow the game of your favorite team.


                                                                                   esports Tournament Tab


The esports calendar is designed to help everyone organize their own events in the world of esports and never miss a match again. To use the calendar, you must create your own folder. For each esports tournament calendar there is also a Liveticker, which refers to the upcoming games and at the same time makes suggestions on which stream the game will be played. To follow the tournament, simply click on the following button and import the tournament into a folder of your choice. If you are only interested in individual games, you can click on the event in the calendar and follow it.


                                                                                   Dreamleague Season 8 Calendar


This allows you to view multiple tournaments and games at a glance without having to visit different sources of information. You can also assign colors to the calendar to create a structure within your own folder. The star and the number next to the calendar icon on the left bar indicate how often a calendar is followed by the community.


                                                                                  My Calendar


Deactivating or checking out the followed esports tournament calendars will show or hide the individual games.

For more information on how to use the calendar, watch the link below:

Shikenso Calendar tutorial

Our goal is to optimize the calendar in the long term and to become a central point of information about esports. We hope that we can provide each user with all the necessary data to help them organize themselves and save time in obtaining this information!

We are looking forward to every feedback and comment and hope that we can develop a useful product together with you.

Your Team Shikenso!

08. November 2017

Promote your Stream

We would like to offer all streamers the possibility to show their channel on our platform. There are many talented and entertaining streamer, but due to the dense mass of streams it is hard to build a community. We want to support the streams to get more viewers they deserve.


Two steps are required to get started:
1. Registration on
2. Sync your account with Twitch and get started!
After these steps your stream will be shown on the frontpage and will draw attention to our visitors - the community can push your stream as well and rank you higher.
Have fun and enjoy streaming!


06. November 2017

Shikenso Filter

As passionate gamers, we want to see how a particular Dota 2 hero is beeing played, or how to reach the rank Legend in Hearthstone with our favorite class. To help you find the right content without having to click through hundreds of streams, we came up with a new idea. That's why we developed an algorithm that analyses streams and uses neural networks to recognize, learn and store the game environment at runtime.


                                                                                         Image recognition software to match Malfurion on stream


We would like to know which games and filters you need, to help you find the desired content! We will occasionally start a poll to find out what the community wants.

With our Shikenso Beta release we offer 3 Game Fiilters - Dota 2, Hearthstone and Overwatch. All these games also have gender filters, but we don't assume your gender - the algorithm does!

Test our filters and enjoy your streams!

06. November 2017

Organize yourself now!

We are proud to present our first version of the Shikenso calendar. Follow your favorite events and streamers.
Share your own calendar with your viewers and inform the world about your schedule.



To use these features, register on and get started.
Create as many folders as you like, name them, assign colors and organize tournaments, streams and almost everything else. The shikenso calendar can be used for everyday appointments as well such as birthdays dates or any other event.

You can add 2 different types of calendars:

1.Create a private calendar to follow streamers or tournaments to have everything at a glance. This type of calendar can only be seen and used by you and will not be publicly accessible.

2.Create a public calendar to share information, events, streams or other announcements. You may also submit your personal streaming schedule or create an entertaining collection of schedules and fuse them into a calendar to share with the Shikenso community and the rest of the world.

Organize your calendars according to your wishes and always be informed about future events!

06. November 2017

Stay up to date


Get the latest information and news about updates and events on our social media channels. Follow us and share the content with your friends.

Meeting the wishes of the community is a big priority for us. We therefore invite you to comment on our posts. Send us feedback by email and stay in touch with us to  develop a platform that meets our expectations.

Thanks for your support!







06. November 2017

We are live!


We are proud to present our platform for an unprecedented streaming and viewing experience to the world today! With, we hope to have developed a website that bring streamers closer to viewers and vice versa by providing you with straightforward concepts to organize your streaming and gaming experience.



A variety of features are henceforth available on

…If you are a passionate streamer, you can…
•    synchronize your Twitch account with us and submit your streaming schedule,
•    publish your calendar and share it with the world,
•    be found by viewers who are specifically looking for the type of content you offer through our own stream filter system,
•    be featured on the front page with the support of the community,
•    promote your stream and spread your gift of entertainment and your deep knowledge of gaming.

…If you are an avid viewer, you can…
•    create your own customizable calendar to follow different games, teams, tournaments and streamers and have all the necessary info at one glance,
•    support your favorite streamers by pushing them to be discovered by others,
•    find the streams that is tailored to your interests by using our fitler system

We are a small startup company, and each one of us has loved gaming from childhood. Just like you, we are passionate about our favorite games, we kick back in the evening laughing with our favorite streamer, and we find ourselves in heaven when our favorite teams win their deserved tournament titles. This is why we intend to build a platform which is made for all of us alike and which will be continually improved upon with the help of the constructive critisicm from the community. Tell us about what features you have been missing and we might just implement it for you! If you enjoy our features, help us by spreading the word to your friends and your fans!


Find us on

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