About us

Thank you so much for your interest in us and why we're here.
As a group of young gamers, it has always been our dream to give something back to the gaming world by offering you an innovative platform that you might have never seen before. Within the last few years the gaming community and streaming world has developed so fast that we could hardly keep up to date with all the things we love about it. That's why we built shikenso for you - we can create a platform to solve this chaos - together!

We want to offer every player the opportunity to achieve their dreams. For this reason, we offer you to promote your channel free of charge in order to be reached in the world. At the same time, we offer all esports fans the possibility to organize their favourite events and tournaments to have everything at a glance! Since we are still in the beta phase and trying to improve this product as much as possible, we are grateful for any feedback and suggestions.

We hope that together with you we can not only create a wonderful website, but also form a community that supports each other!

Welcome and have fun

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