KRÜ Esports boosts fan engagement by 280% and media value by 231% by leveraging Shikenso Analytics' comprehensive sponsorship AI solutions.
KRÜ Esports boosts fan engagement by 280% and media value by 231% by leveraging Shikenso Analytics' comprehensive sponsorship AI solutions.

KRU Esports Ups Fan Engagement by 280% and Lifts Media Value

Using Shikenso Analytics’ comprehensive sponsorship insights and AI solutions, KRÜ Esports managed to increase fan engagement by 280% and boost media value by 231% from Q1 2023 to Q1 2024.


Karsten Schonauer
Creative Director
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Founded in 2020 by Argentine football legend Sergio Agüero, KRÜ Esports has swiftly become a key player in the competitive gaming scene. Their rapid rise to prominence in Valorant includes a notable collaboration with Lionel Messi, who joined forces with KRÜ to bolster their brand and expand their reach. Competing in top-tier tournaments like the Valorant Champions Tour, KRÜ Esports combines passionate gameplay with the star power of football icons, creating a unique and engaging presence in the esports world.



KRÜ Esports needed a comprehensive solution to accurately measure and report its brand exposure KPIs generated via social media platforms and streaming outlets. This requirement was driven by the need to showcase the value delivered to sponsors and partners, ensuring transparent and actionable insights.


“As an esports and entertainment company, we consider the support of our sponsors and partners to be of vital importance throughout our business year. We work every day to challenge the static commercial communication paradigm, and look for new ways of implementing commercial agreements. Shikenso has been a key partner in this search and development, as we have experienced a 230% increase in the Brand Media Value generated for our sponsors since working with them.”

Valentin Rementeria, Director of Sponsorships and partnerships, KRÜ Esports



KRU esports has worked with Shikenso Analytics since 2023. The esports organisation integrated Shikenso’s all-in-one sponsorship solution covering all types of digital brand exposure, including visual, audible, and legible exposure. With Shikenso KRÜ Esports was equipped to:

  • Track, measure, and value sponsor activity: Shikenso's platform enabled KRÜ Esports to monitor every aspect of sponsor visibility, ensuring comprehensive coverage and accurate and fast valuation.
  • Provide individual partner reports with key figures and takeaways: Detailed, customized reports for each sponsor highlighted the specific value generated, fostering stronger sponsor relationships.
  • Lightning-Fast Delivery Speeds: Rapid data processing and reporting enabling KRÜ Esports to adjust their strategies in response to real-time insights quickly.
  • Consult on strategies and propose improvements: Expert consulting from Shikenso guided KRÜ Esports on optimizing their social media strategies, leveraging data-driven insights to enhance performance.



By leveraging Shikenso Analytics' comprehensive sponsorship insights, KRÜ Esports was able to transform its social media performance on Instagram, Twitter/X, TikTok and Facebook, delivering substantial value to sponsors and partners. This partnership underscores the importance of precise, actionable data in driving fan engagement and media value in the rapidly evolving esports landscape.

  • 280% Increase in Overall Fan Engagement on Social Media Posts: A significant boost in fan interactions, driven by targeted content strategies and enhanced sponsor visibility.
  • 72% Increase in Engagement Rates Across All Social Media Platforms: Improved engagement rates reflected the effectiveness of Shikenso’s data-driven approach and consulting.
  • 231% Increase in Media Value: Enhanced media value demonstrated the tangible benefits of improved sponsor visibility and fan engagement.

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About Shikenso Analytics

In the world of sports, esports and entertainment, understanding the true impact of sponsorships is crucial. That's where we, Shikenso Analytics, come in. Founded in Germany in 2017, we are driven by the ambition of transforming intuition-based decisions into data-backed strategies. Leveraging industry leading AI technology, we make sponsorships quantifiable in real time, measuring generated media and brand values for a granular assessment of your sponsorship ROI.

Shikenso’s comprehensive toolkit ranges from image recognition, audience analysis, audio and voice tracking to text sentiment analysis, all designed for understanding and enhancing brand visibility and engagement across various channels such as broadcasts, OTT, live streams, online media and social media.

Our approach simplifies the complex, making actionable insights accessible for rights holders and brands. With Shikenso, you're not just guessing; you're knowing. Let's navigate the future of sponsorship together, backed by data you can trust.

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About KRÜ Esports

KRÜ Esports is an esports organization created in 2020 by Sergio “Kun” Agüero, former professional soccer player with the aim of creating a bridge between traditional sports, streaming and esports. Sergio Kun Agüero's expertise was key to bringing his experience in the world of traditional professional sports to the universe of electronic sports and new digital media. With KRÜ we aspire to form a work team passionate about video games, not only with our players and content creators, but with all the staff and the community we build. We join the esports scene with our imprint, not only from a professional, sporting and commercial perspective but also in destigmatizing the socio-cultural vision that is usually held in relation to video games. With a company established in Argentina and another in Barcelona, KRÜ managed to be that bridge between the different regions, motivating them to have no ceiling in terms of the goals that each one sets for themselves.

We accompany the growth of our players, coaches, analysts, managers and streamers with tools so that they can develop and show the whole world their potential.

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