Introducing a new product: Shikenso Esports Radar, a comprehensive data analytics report for major esports tournaments and events
Introducing a new product: Shikenso Esports Radar, a comprehensive data analytics report for major esports tournaments and events

Shikenso Esports Radar

Revolutionizing the Way Businesses Approach Sponsorships in Esports


Karsten Schonauer
Creative Director
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Are you looking for an effective way to evaluate the impact of your esports sponsorships and optimize your marketing strategies for maximum ROI? Look no further than Shikenso Esports Radar. Our sponsorship analytics report is designed to revolutionize the way businesses approach sponsorships in the esports industry.


Why is it important for your business to use Shikenso Esports Radar?

Without access to comprehensive data and analytics, it can be difficult to accurately measure ROI and make informed investment decisions. Our report provides businesses with detailed insights into media values, sponsorship outcomes, and viewer demographics for major esports events. With this information at your fingertips, you can confidently evaluate the impact of your sponsorships and optimize your marketing strategies for maximum ROI.


What is Shikenso Esports Radar and who is it made for?

Shikenso Esports Radar is specifically designed for teams, brands, tournament organizers, league operators, marketing agencies, event organizers, broadcasters, and sports investors who want to know the media values, sponsorship outcomes, and demographic data of viewership of major esports events. Evaluated with our best-in-class AI technology, our report provides access to a variety of data-sets built around two key topics: Audience & Viewership Data as well as Sponsorship & Media Valuation.


  • Audience & Viewership Data

Viewership data and statistics are particularly important in the context of esports, given the continuous growth of the industry. Esports events attract millions of viewers around the world, and the data collected on their viewership habits can help stakeholders better understand the audience and how to engage with them. Our report covers important key figures such as age & sex distribution and geographical location.


Viewership distribution of an esports event based on geographical location and consumer markets.


  • Sponsorship & Media Valuation

Media valuation is the process of determining the monetary value of the media exposure that sponsors receive from their esports sponsorship efforts. Evaluation includes the assessment of the reach and impact of sponsorship through metrics such as viewership data and brand exposure metrics. Shikenso Esports Radar distinguishes between branded and non-branded key performance indicators. This distinguishment is specifically important for determining the true media value of sponsorships, as it is greatly driven by an explicit evaluation of exposure durations and sizes of sponsorship assets. In combination with other key figures such as amount of impressions, amount of asset placements, or total views, we deliver all the insights required to evaluate esports sponsorships.


Media Value distribution of sponsor assets on an esports team's jersey.



What to expect with Shikenso Esports Radar

Our report offers a comprehensive view of the esports sponsorship landscape that helps stakeholders excel in the highly competitive esports industry. Rely on a range of benefits with Shikenso Esports Radar:

  • Discover media values of brand partners
  • Validate data with neutral provider
  • Benchmark competitors across events
  • Explore the value of other game titles
  • Negotiate partnerships through unbiased data
  • Enhance your commercial capabilities
  • Understand esports ecosystem and its value
  • Increase the potential of your portfolio

In summary, our sponsorship analytics report is a game-changer for the esports industry, providing easy access to comprehensive data and analytics that can empower all stakeholders to make data-driven decisions. By making the esports market more transparent and data-driven, we aim to ensure the long-term sustainability of sponsorships in this exciting and rapidly evolving industry.


How to get started with Shikenso Esports Radar

Getting started with Shikenso Esports Radar is easy:

  1. Visit our website at
  2. Check for available reports
  3. Send us a request via our contact form

Don't miss out on the opportunity to gain a competitive edge in the fast-growing esports industry with Shikenso Esports Radar. Why not give it a try today? 



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