SPORTFIVE and SQVAD fire it up

The German sports business agency is building on AI-solutions for its own content brand SQVAD


Karsten Schonauer
Creative Director
Partnerships / 2 Min.


SPORTFIVE is one of the leading global sports business agencies in the world. The agency is known for creating emotional communication platforms for brands through authentic, individual partnerships in the sports business. With SQVAD, SPORTFIVE has previously this year launched a content-brand that is focused on making the same quality of content and media available to other sectors and target groups. More specifically, the brand aims to map the interests of Gen-Y and Gen-Z through bespoke content on their go-to channels and to build a community of diverse interests and authentic content & creators in the long run. The concept is rounded off by the company's own conviction to develop a strong social attitude and to communicate this. SQVAD will be the first creator collective to offer such a large stage and strong voice to themes and partners for social, cultural and ecological messages.

SQVAD's initial line-up consists of three experienced creators who have been friends for years:




“Valid and comprehensible data quality is the be-all and end-all of our social media work. This is exactly where Shikenso comes in and offers us an analytical 360° view of our socials. We want to be able to track and analyze in real time which posts are performing well and which optimization potentials still exist. The same applies to the visibility and integration forms of our partners - increasing the respective advertising value is important, but so is keeping an eye on the sentiment in the community. In addition, Shikenso's dashboard solution has evolved significantly over the past few years, enabling us to examine every detail of our digital footprint. Accordingly, the benefits of this partnership cannot be overstated for us.””

Marcel Sandrock, Senior Director Global Esports & Gaming, SPORTFIVE


The strategic partnership between Shikenso and SPORTFIVE will enable the organization to gain deep-data insights on a cross-plattform approach for their content brand SQVAD. The 360° insights gained from measuring social-media and partnership performance will help establish data-driven decision-making by getting access to the respective advertising value of all activations. 



Download the full Press Release here


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