A Partnership goes into the next Round

Freaks 4U Gaming builds on AI-Solutions for a wide range of its assets


Karsten Schonauer
Creative Director
Partnerships / 2 Min.


The name Freaks 4U Gaming was on everyone's lips in 2021. "Multi-Year Partnership Unveiled Between ESL And Freaks 4U Gaming". "Engelbert Strauss becomes named sponsor of Prime League". "Freaks 4U Gaming acquires ProGaming Italia". "Freaks 4U Gaming Secures €15 Million Investment". That's how some of the headlines read, made by the Berlin esports marketing agency last year. Throughout all their entrepreneurial strategies, strategic coups & newly established partnerships - everything creates a media uproar. For so long Freaks 4U Gaming has been on its way to the top. Hardly anyone doubts that they have already arrived there. 

The continued success of the 2020 & 2021 Prime League has shown the level to which a league in continuous operation can be elevated. A success story which is heard beyond the gaming and esports community. A story that many want to share in. In the end, one managed to put his name on par with the biggest League of Legends DACH production. The first ever name partner of the Prime League: Engelbert Strauss.


Strauss Prime League

Image Credit: Freaks 4U Gaming GmbH


Thanks to the close partnership with Riot Games and the newly established cooperation with ESL Gaming, the agency was also able to secure further leagues under its roof, and is now responsible for the operation of an expanded range of esports formats. Within these formats, some major brand partners are hoping to get the best possible media exposure - Dr.Oetker, KitKat, McDonalds or BitBurger, to name a few. With data continuing to fuel the industry, the quest for competitive advantage through the use of data-driven performance indicators is gaining momentum. A trend that Freaks 4U Gaming credits for much of its achievements and will continue to rely on in the future by expanding the partnership with Shikenso Analytics.


"As a leading esports agency and operator, Freaks 4U Gaming attributes our success to best-in-class services and solutions. Our performance is validated by reliable, data-driven analysis by Shikenso Analytics, their transparency and expertise have proven to be valuable as we expand our global footprint. Shikenso has been a trusted partner since 2020, we are excited to leverage their AI analytics in other leagues and tournaments within our product portfolio which differentiates and adds to the Freaks value proposition."

Marco Niemann, VP Commerical, Freaks 4U Gaming


With image recognition, object tracking and big data mapping at the core of the analysis to measure the media values generated through the partnerships, Shikenso will provide cross-platform insights into all sponsorship activities and activations of Freaks 4U Gaming and its operated leagues. The extended partnership will see Shikenso apply its AI analytics to a variety of ecosystems operated by Freaks 4U Gaming:

Strauss Prime League, Northern League of Legends Championship, VRL DACH & France, VALORANT Champions Tour, German ESL Meisterschaft & French ESL Championnat National.



Download the full Press Release here


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