Alpine Esports accelerates to new heights

8th June 2023

The French car manufacturer joins forces with Shikenso Analytics to build on AI solutions going forward.

Alpine Esports and Shikenso Establish Sponsorship Data Partnership

Karsten Schonauer  

Karsten Schonauer
Creative Director


Earlier this year, Alpine made headlines by partnering with BLAST for the final CS:GO Major hosted on their home turf in Paris. This partnership was marked by exciting in-person activations during the Major, including the showcasing of Alpine's renowned A110s sports car. The collaboration between Alpine and BLAST extended beyond the esports arena and into the realm of Formula 1. As a testament to their partnership, Alpine proudly exhibited their F1 race car at the Accor Arena, while the iconic logo was displayed on Alpine's F1 cars during the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix. By forging this partnership with BLAST, Alpine demonstrated their commitment to creating engaging experiences for fans across multiple platforms.


Video Credit: Alpine


Working alongside partners such as Binance, BenQ and Philips hue, Alpine recognizes that understanding community engagement is vital to their continued growth. With their expanding content offering, which includes owned events like the Alpine Esports Series, new social channels, and ambassador content, the ability to analyze and comprehend community preferences will provide Alpine with valuable insights to further enhance their offerings.


“Partnering with Shikenso Analytics is a game-changer for Alpine Esports. We believe that data-driven decision making is key to achieving excellence, and this collaboration allows us to harness the power of advanced analytics to unlock our true potential. We are consistently expanding our content offering through owned events such as the Alpine Esports Series, the launch of our new social channels and more ambassador content and understanding what the community is engaging with is vital to our continued growth.”

Guillaume Vergnas, Head of Esports, Gaming & Web3, Alpine


Alpine Esports' collaboration with Shikenso Analytics marks a significant milestone in their pursuit of excellence. By leveraging advanced analytics capabilities, Alpine will be able to make data-driven decisions, optimize performance across streaming channels, and enhance their partnerships.