Data Partnership with cowana Gaming

12th April 2021

The German esports team cowana Gaming will be profiting from sponsorship data insights to foster further growth.

Karsten Schonauer  

Karsten Schonauer
Senior Marketing Manager


Just over a year ago, the marketing agency and media house cowana GmbH founded an esports department. With the goal of establishing the e-sports brand cowana Gaming internationally and setting new standards in lifestyle marketing, the starting signal was sounded at the beginning of 2020 with 5 employees. Despite the difficulties that the year 2020 brought with it, the organisation was able to achieve rapid growth within a very short time. Today, almost 50 people are involved in the project - team members, coaches, content creators and influencers.


“Sometimes we can't even believe how rapidly cowana has developed from a full-service marketing agency to an up-and-coming global player in the e-sports scene. With cowana Gaming, we have set foot in the esports door and we intend to really shake up the game.”

Michael Wamser, CEO, cowana Gaming 


Despite the rapid growth, smaller and larger hurdles cannot be avoided. With increasing awareness and popularity, the interest of potential brand partners is gradually awakened. Building a partnership while questions like "What is my brand actually worth?" are always in the air is by no means an easy undertaking. The answer to this question? The approach of data-driven analysis to evaluate the reach and brand presence of cowana Gaming in their online appearances. By analysing streaming content from the Esports team, an analytical foundation is built on which the company can make decisions in the future. Applying our solution at the grassroot level is an important measure to take, as the data we provide will help assess the actual brand value of cowana without selling themselves short while also having well proven data for future partnership negotiations.



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