Shikenso Analytics Esports Sponsorship Report; Chapter One: A New Approach
Shikenso Analytics Esports Sponsorship Report; Chapter One: A New Approach

Esports Sponsorship Report: A New Approach

Taking a new approach to the presence of sponsorship in esports.


Karsten Schonauer
Creative Director
Insights / 1 Min.


Are you still a gamer, or are you already sponsoring one? Every successful sports sponsor aims at associating their brand with qualities possessed by that sport. Luxury watchmakers love sponsoring golf, sailing, and racing because these sports require the precision that watches represent. In fact, wearing a good watch while competing in such a sport is sometimes an advantage and often an aspiration.

Therefore, in the world of esports, it's frequently computer hardware manufacturers that love to support a team or tournament to showcase the competetive edge their products convey. Frames per second, reaction speeds, and input fidelity are all variables influenced by the quality of gaming equipment. So it's not surprising to see Intel, AMD, and nVidia supporting digital competitions. They are natural sponsors, insiders, or what is known as Endemic Sponsors.

But there's more to the story. All kinds of diverse businesses invest in esports sponsorships, including many whose products and services seem have little connection to gaming performance, such as insurance, financial services, or automotive companies. They are what is called Non-endemic Sponsors. As industry outsiders, they are interested in associating their brands with other desirable qualities that gamers possess. After all, gamers are young, pro-technology, and in command of considerable purchasing power. If you're interested in joining in on the fun, read the first instalment of our Sponsorship Report below.



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