Shikenso Analytics Esports Sponsorship Report; Chapter Two: Sponsor Integrations
Shikenso Analytics Esports Sponsorship Report; Chapter Two: Sponsor Integrations

Esports Sponsorship Report: Sponsor Integrations

Assets - Sponsor Integration in Esports


Karsten Schonauer
Creative Director
Insights / 1 Min.


Although many esports partner integrations follow a traditional approach, it is necessary to tailor them to an emerging landscape. Two factors stand out: the way esports content is delivered and consumed, and the audience that this content is intended to reach. While streaming fees for football or basketball remain obstacles to potential viewers, gaming and esports allow for free livestreaming on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. This is content available to anyone, anywhere, and anytime.

Knowing where to go is one thing - knowing how to get there is equally important. Because the gamer audience is notoriously critical of conventional advertisement, the “how” will be a core element of any serious sponsorship strategy. Broadcasts on livestreaming platforms offer diverse opportunities for rights holders to showcase their brand partners, for example through hard-to-ignore logo integrations or authentic creative pieces. If you'd like to learn more about partner integration practices in esports, read the second instalment of our Sponsorship Report below.



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