Fairplay Management Finds Reliable Data

The well-connected influencer agency expects to benefit from an analytics solution pre-integrated with its client's own campaigns.


Karsten Schonauer
Creative Director
Partnerships / 1 Min.


One of Germany’s foremost groups of influencer experts, Fairplay Management, continue to accomplish new milestones in digital marketing. The agency recently announced that one of their influencers, Simon “GamerBrother” Schildgen, has signed a licensing deal with DERBYSTAR to produce a jersey bearing not just his name but also featuring his own design. Fans can now buy Simon’s jersey on Derbystar’s online store. Activations and partnerships distinguish the agency's work, which benefits various brands such as Displate, Levelup, and PlayStation. Seeking to back up their work with reliable data, Fairplay have decided to turn to Shikenso.


“Holistic data-based evaluation of operational activities forms the basis for all of our business decisions. Shikenso's strong technological integration with our client campaigns means that we are always fully informed about the performance of ongoing and completed campaigns. We will continue to intensify our cooperation in the future."

Darius Karampoor, CEO, Fairplay Management


The agency is particularly interested in gaining valuable insights into data obtained from streaming and social media platforms, and seeks to make this data intelligible to its own brand partners. Shikenso's cross-channel analysis will empower Fairplay to better understand how sponsors are digitally integrated into livestreamed video and social content. In addition, it allows for the comparison and evaluation of the performances of different sponsored campaigns.



Download the full Press Release here


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