G2 Esports Extends With Shikenso Analytics for Sponsorship Tracking: The Esports Team will Continue to Rely on Leading Data Solutions
G2 Esports Extends With Shikenso Analytics for Sponsorship Tracking: The Esports Team will Continue to Rely on Leading Data Solutions

G2 Keeps Building on Best-in-class Sponsorship Evaluation

The Esports Org Extends Its Partnership with Shikenso Analytics Throughout 2025.


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Frankfurt am Main (Germany), June 6th 2024 - G2 Esports, one of the household names of the esports industry, is now extending its partnership with Shikenso Analytics, a German analytics firm to amplify its partnership strategies.

Hailed by many as the most entertaining esports organization in the world, G2 is easily one of the first organizations to come to mind when one thinks about esports. With 12 teams strategically placed across various esports titles, it’s difficult to think of a game where the Global giants haven’t reigned supreme. After all, G2 has managed to collect 180+ championship titles in their trophy cabinet. G2’s dominance in the world of esports has been possible thanks to their world-class rosters that are backed up by a leadership team that only strives for excellence. G2’s goal for 2024 is to continue to expand beyond the horizon as they strengthen their winning mentality and allow their rosters to have continuous access to all the support that they need. This is where Shikenso Analytics is coming in with its state-of-the-art AI solutions that will help G2 gain more valuable insights and evaluate its relationships with partners.

To continue to be the best, G2 will extend its partnership with Shikenso for 2 years after a productive collaboration in 2023. The organisation will continue to use Shikenso Analytics' AI solutions to monitor and optimize partnerships across social and streaming platforms, as well as to enhance its performance metrics and strategic decision-making procedures. This will not only elevate performance metrics and brand presence but also strengthen long-term relationships with partners such as Mastercard, RedBull, Lenovo, Logitech, Ralph Lauren, and more. The sponsorship data provided by Shikenso will also empower future partnerships and help establish data-driven campaigns and strategies.


As we continue to innovate and grow globally, it’s essential for us to keep our finger on the pulse of data and analytics in order for us to keep delivering world- class services for our partners and foster data-informed decision-making across the business .

Sabrina Ratih, Chief Operations Officer at G2 Esports

It's a great achievement for us when an organisation like G2 Esports places so much value on our work that they extend our partnership for another 2 years. It gives us the confirmation that we are doing the right thing for the world of esports analytics and it motivates us to continuously improve our offerings for our valued clients and partners.

Arwin Fallah Shirazi, Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Shikenso Analytics


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About Shikenso Analytics

In the world of sports, esports and entertainment, understanding the true impact of sponsorships is crucial. That's where we, Shikenso Analytics, come in. Founded in Germany in 2017, we are driven by the ambition of transforming intuition-based decisions into data-backed strategies. Leveraging industry-leading AI technology, we make sponsorships quantifiable in real time, measuring generated media and brand values for a granular assessment of your sponsorship ROI.

Shikenso’s comprehensive toolkit ranges from image recognition, audience analysis, audio and voice tracking to text sentiment analysis, all designed for understanding and enhancing brand visibility and engagement across various channels such as broadcasts, OTT, live streams, online media and social media.

Our approach simplifies the complex, making actionable insights accessible for rights holders and brands. With Shikenso, you're not just guessing; you're knowing. Let's navigate the future of sponsorship together, backed by data you can trust.

For more information, please visit: www.shikenso.com



G2 is the most entertaining esports organization in the world – end of discussion. Known for having the best players and rosters, the company has dominated the global stage since its inception in 2015, securing countless major tournament victories, several industry awards and exciting partnership collaborations in the process. Entertainment is the essence of everything G2 does, with the esports brand rated number one for social engagement through multiple regions worldwide.

During its eight years of domination, G2 has built a global fanbase of over 40 million fans spanning EMEA, North America, Asia and Latin America. Boasting an Instagram following of 1.3 million and Twitter followers in excess of 1.2 million, the G2 community follows every twist and turn of the most captivating stories created by the organization within the esports scene and beyond.

International household name brands are increasingly recognising the opportunities that esports can offer to tap into an engaged new audience and are partnering with G2 as a credible way to be part of this movement. G2 currently counts the likes of Logitech, Red Bull, Herman Miller, Oakley, Ralph Lauren, Jägermeister and Mastercard amongst its strategic commercial partners.

Over 150 players, content creators, and employees are at the heart of G2, taking the team from an esports brand at its core to a global, recognisable, lifestyle and entertainment brand.

More information is available at: https://g2esports.com



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