GamerLegion Extends Partnership with Shikenso Analytics to Amplify Esports Dominance by Measuring Sponsorship Exposure on Social & Streaming
GamerLegion Extends Partnership with Shikenso Analytics to Amplify Esports Dominance by Measuring Sponsorship Exposure on Social & Streaming

GamerLegion Extends Partnership with Shikenso Analytics

With a focus on AI-driven analytics, GamerLegion strengthens its global footprint, enhancing sponsor exposure and social media impact.


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Frankfurt am Main (Germany), June 25th 2024 - GamerLegion, one of the leading esports organizations in Germany, is now extending its partnership with Shikenso Analytics, an analytics firm that measures and amplifies brand exposure.

One of the rising European esports organizations, GamerLegion is putting Berlin on the worldwide esports map. Founded in 2017 by Nicolas Reber, GamerLegion, is currently participating in four different titles: Counter-Strike, Rocket League, Tekken, and Age of Empires II. The organization saw an explosive rise in popularity, especially following their incredible performance at the 2023 Counter-Strike Paris Major, when they advanced to the Grand Final. With stars such as TheViper and Hera in its lineup, the Age of Empires roster of GamerLegion is surely a force to be reckoned with. After all, they picked up numerous titles including The Cartographers last year. Renowned for its remarkable capacity to identify untapped talent and nurture it into international superstars, the organization has cemented its place in the exclusive group of well-established rivals. With a social media following that doubles annually, GamerLegion is firmly establishing itself as a serious candidate for the next major esports breakthrough in Europe.

To strengthen its expansion plans, GamerLegion is renewing the partnership with Shikenso Analytics. GamerLegion and Shikenso first shook hands in November 2022 and we are on the cusp of renewing our partnership. The company will keep monitoring and maximizing collaborations across social media and streaming platforms by utilizing Shikenso Analytics' AI technologies. Through this cooperation, GamerLegion's rosters will benefit from having unrestricted access to our esports analysis tools. As a result, this will improve their rosters' performance in addition to their social media presence.


“Shikenso is essential in measuring activation success, delivering valuable insights, particularly for our non-endemic partners. The highly detailed data we receive helps us enhance our offerings for both current and prospective partners, establishing Shikenso as a vital partner in our growth strategy.”

Michael Bier, Sales & Marketing Director, GamerLegion


“We are thrilled to renew our partnership with one of Germany’s finest. As the organization looks to position itself as a global legion, we are eager to use our data-driven solution to accelarate this journey of growth.”

Arwin Fallah Shirazi, Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Shikenso Analytics


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About Shikenso Analytics

In the world of sports, esports and entertainment, understanding the true impact of sponsorships is crucial. That's where we, Shikenso Analytics, come in. Founded in Germany in 2017, we are driven by the ambition of transforming intuition-based decisions into data-backed strategies. Leveraging industry leading AI technology, we make sponsorships quantifiable in real time, measuring generated media and brand values for a granular assessment of your sponsorship ROI.

Shikenso’s comprehensive toolkit ranges from image recognition, audience analysis, audio and voice tracking to text sentiment analysis, all designed for understanding and enhancing brand visibility and engagement across various channels such as broadcasts, OTT, live streams, online media and social media.

Our approach simplifies the complex, making actionable insights accessible for rights holders and brands. With Shikenso, you're not just guessing; you're knowing. Let's navigate the future of sponsorship together, backed by data you can trust.

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About GamerLegion:

GamerLegion, a Berlin based esports and gaming company, was founded in April 2017 by Nicolas Reber. Currently competing in four titles: Counter-Strike, Age of Empires II, Rocket League, and Tekken, GamerLegion has quickly established itself as one of the leading esports organizations in Germany. As one of the rising stars in the scene, GamerLegion experienced meteoric growth, particularly after a stunning performance at the Counter-Strike Paris Major 2023, where the team reached the Grand Final. Known for its exceptional ability to discover and develop raw talent into global superstars, the organization has secured a spot among the elite circle of established competitors. With its social media following doubling year after year, GamerLegion is solidifying its outstanding position as a contender for Europe’s next big breakthrough in esports.

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More information is available at:, X, Instagram.



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