Gladiators on a quest for greatness

The esports team is bolstering its strategy with Shikenso's reliable sponsorship metrics.


Karsten Schonauer
Creative Director
Partnerships / 2 Min.


GAIMIN Gladiators are a Canadian esports organization that emerged out of the 2019 founded OCG Esports Club. Now representing the GAIMIN brand in the global esports arena, the general strategy is built on the teams past success and growth. The signing of one of the most promising Dota 2 rosters, Team Tickles, is testament to the success strategy.  Shortly after signing, the team that impressed many during the DPC Western European Division 1 tour went on to win the regional finals under the GG name tag. For GAIMIN, however, sporting success is not the only priority. As a company, the organisation must also be able to function economically in order to be part of the game in the long run. To continue to sustainably shape and achieve the goals pursued, the organisation will build on a sound media valuation data basis in the future. 


Video Credit: GAIMIN Gladiators


“Following the formation of GAIMIN Gladiators and the renaming of Team Tickles, we started to look for an organisation who could provide us with the data insight and analytics we required. Shikenso demonstrated they could provide both the breadth and depth in data analytics we required and we didn’t hesitate in forming a partnership with them. We look forward to creating a strong relationship and utilising the Shikenso data and analysis across our output media and within our team’s gaming preparations.”

Nick Cuccovillo, President & Co-Founder, GAIMIN Gladiators


The strategic data partnership between GAIMIN Gladiators and Shikenso will see the Frankfurt based analytics startup apply its cross-platform AI solution to provide an in-depth performance overview of GG's  partnerships. The media valuation will serve as a foundation on which the team can bolster its data-driven decision making.



Download the full Press Release here


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