The Evolution of Esports Sponsorships: From Allianz to Zurich. Esports meets Insurance Companies.
The Evolution of Esports Sponsorships: From Allianz to Zurich. Esports meets Insurance Companies.

Insurance Companies in Esports: Sponsorship Market Evolution

Discover how insurance companies have seized their opportunities in the world of competitive gaming.


Karsten Schonauer
Creative Director
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In a world where the lines between reality and the virtual are blurring, one industry stands at the forefront of this digital revolution: esports. And in the heart of this rapidly growing world, one factor is increasingly being recognized as crucial – brand partnerships.



Fortifying the Esports Domain

In recent years, insurance giants like GEICO, Allianz, StateFarm, or Zurich have boldly ventured into the realm of esports and gaming through strategic sponsorships. These alliances serve as a gateway for insurance companies to penetrate the rapidly expanding esports market, boasting an extensive and highly engaged audience base. By partnering with renowned esports events and teams, these brands gain access to a demographic notoriously elusive through traditional advertising channels. What's more, esports sponsorships present insurance companies with a chance to align their product offerings with innovation, cutting-edge technology, and a forward-thinking ethos.


Graphic illustrating the timeline of insurance companies investing in esports through sponsorships, showing a year-by-year evolution. The graphic highlights key entries starting from 2017, with companies like State Farm, AXA, and Geico. Each year from 2017 onwards displays an increasing number of insurance firms partnering with esports teams and events. Notable highlights include State Farm's sponsorship of the League of Legends Championship Series in 2018 and AXA's involvement with ESL in 2020. The graphic uses arrows and distinctive icons for each company, demonstrating the growing trend of insurance companies engaging with the esports industry over the years.


Insuring the Future

Picture this: a vibrant arena pulsating with energy, filled to the brim with esports enthusiasts—passionate gamers, tech trailblazers, and trendsetters in the digital realm. What draws their attention? Brands that don't just follow the trends but set them, champions of innovation and digital connectivity.

Enter insurance companies, recognizing the magnetic pull of this dynamic community. By sponsoring esports events and teams, they unlock a thrilling platform to unveil their array of offerings—from life and health insurance to financial security and car coverage. And who's in the spotlight? An audience not just young, but financially savvy, making them the ultimate bullseye for any insurance provider's target.

But here's the twist: it's not just about flashing logos or bland product placements. Oh no. Through esports sponsorships, insurance companies become masters of transformation. They take the seemingly mundane world of safety precautions and weave them into captivating narratives, seamlessly blending into the gaming universe. It's a symphony of creativity, where safety becomes an adventure, and brands forge genuine connections that transcend the boundaries of traditional advertising.

The payoff? It's immense. These sponsorships aren't just about a momentary flash of recognition. They're about building trust, fostering loyalty, and nurturing long-lasting relationships with the next wave of consumers—the digital natives, the gamers turned decision-makers of tomorrow.


Examples of Major Insurance Companies Sponsorship Moves:

GEICO x Team Solo Mid (TSM) (2015):

GEICO x Team Solo Mid (TSM) (2015):

Image Credit: dotesports / Fernando Alfonso III


Hanwha Life x ROX Tigers (2018):

KIA X LEC 2019

Image Credit: KIA


die Bayerische x Berlin International Gaming (BIG) (2021):

Esports Sponsorship Timeline: die Bayerische (insurance company) x Berlin International Gaming

Image Credit: BIG


In the fast-paced world of esports, insurance companies aren't just players; they're powerhouses, harnessing the energy of innovation to establish credibility, ignite passion, and pave the way for a future where brands and gamers unite in a shared quest for excellence. These partnerships serve as bridges, connecting insurance brands with a diverse and highly engaged audience, while also positioning them as champions of security and safety. By embracing the esports community, insurance companies not only expand their reach but also cultivate lasting connections with the next generation of consumers, laying the foundation for a future where protection and progress go hand in hand.



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