Key Facts on Sponsorships and Audiences on the League of Legends Worlds 2023 - Presented by Shikenso Analytics
Key Facts on Sponsorships and Audiences on the League of Legends Worlds 2023 - Presented by Shikenso Analytics

Key Facts About The League of Legends Worlds 2023

Record-Breaking Media Values: Shikenso Analytics Reveals Audience and Sponsorship Insights


Benedikt Becker
Marketing Director
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The 2023 League of Legends World Championship, commonly known as Worlds, has once again demonstrated the immense power of esports sponsorship. Our analysis of the event has uncovered record-breaking figures that underscore the event's influence in the industry. Here’s a detailed look at the key facts from this year's championship and what they mean for brands and sponsors. 


Unprecedented Media Values in Esports  

The total media value generated by all event sponsors across main broadcasts and co-streams reached an astonishing 133 million Euros. This figure sets a new benchmark in esports and trumps the media values of other significant events this year, such as the Blast Paris Major and MSI London, which recorded 46 million Euros and 66 million Euros, respectively. 

A graphic showing the record-breaking media value of 133 million Euros for the League of Legends Worlds 2023. It highlights the significant impact of esports on sponsorship intelligence and media valuation, analyzed by Shikenso Analytics.


Audience Insights: Esports’ Expanding Reach 

Contrary to the common misconception that esports is predominantly for younger audiences, over 90% of the viewers were 18 years or older. This statistic is a significant revelation for potential sponsors, as it highlights the mature and diverse audience that events like Worlds attract. Major sponsors such as Mastercard, Mercedes-Benz, and Verizon have recognized this potential to engage with this valuable demographic. 

Gender Distribution in Viewership: 88.2% Male, 11.8% Female. This demographic breakdown reflects the current state of the esports audience, although there is a growing trend of female viewership in the industry. 

A bar graph illustrating the age distribution of viewers for the League of Legends Worlds 2023. It shows that over 90% of the audience is 18 years or older, emphasizing the maturity and value of the esports demographic as analyzed by Shikenso Analytics.


Top Sponsors and Their Media Value Contributions 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) emerged as the top sponsor in terms of media value, generating an impressive 22.6 million Euros. Their extensive use of sponsorship assets, including banners, sponsored statistics, and game breakdowns, played a crucial role in this achievement. Mercedes-Benz and Red Bull followed closely, ranking second and third in media value contributions. 


The Role of Media Value in Esports Sponsorship 

Media value is a comprehensive metric that considers various factors beyond simple viewership numbers. We at Shikenso Analytics factor in the ad buying opportunity costs, branded impressions, and even the geographic distribution of viewers, providing a fuller picture of an event's impact for sponsors. 

A unique aspect of the League of Legends World Championship is its diverse use of sponsorship assets. The rotating rift banners, prominently displayed during the most intense moments of the game, have become a staple of the event. This year also saw a variety of other sponsorship assets, such as branded cups, chairs, and the ‘Featured Matchup’ format, all contributing to the event's heightened media value. 


The Impact of Co-Streaming on Sponsorship 

One of the secrets behind the success of the event lies in co-streaming. This innovative approach, which involves content creators and influencers broadcasting the event on their channels, has revolutionized esports events. It creates an immersive experience that attracts both old and new fans, ultimately boosting reach and media values for brands. 

An impressive 45% of the total media value came from co-streams, highlighting the growing importance of diversified streaming portfolio to maximize brand exposure. As the esports industry continues to grow, more publishers and tournament organizers are likely to recognize the immense potential that co-streaming offers

A comparative chart showcasing the media value contributions from Co-Streams and Official Streams during the League of Legends Worlds 2023. The graphic highlights how Co-Streams contributed 45% of the total media value, underscoring their growing significance in esports sponsorship intelligence and media valuation.


Tarik Amhamdi, CEO at Shikenso Analytics, expressed his excitement about these figures: 

"The world of League of Legends has always been known for its massive fan base and viewership. However, this year’s edition of the Worlds is not just repeating history but making it. Our analysis has revealed a staggering media value of 133 million Euros, showcasing the event's unparalleled capacity to generate immense brand exposure. This achievement underscores the exceptional reach and engagement potential that esports events like Worlds offer to sponsors." 


We at Shikenso Analytics are committed to providing comprehensive and insightful analysis that helps brands understand the evolving landscape of esports and sports sponsorship. Through our detailed reports and expert insights, we aim to guide sponsors towards maximizing their impact. 

For more detailed insights and data on esports sponsorship and brand exposure, visit Shikenso Analytics’ official website and our Linkedin. You can also request a full event report of Worlds 2023 here.  




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