Key Facts about the MSI 2023 London
Key Facts about the MSI 2023 London

Key Facts about the MSI 2023 London

Captivating insights from this years Mid-Season Invitational, exploring audience age dynamics, and the impact of strategic partnerships.


Karsten Schonauer
Creative Director
Insights / 2 Min.


Esports sponsorships have become a crucial aspect of the industry's growth, allowing brands to connect with passionate audiences. In this article, we delve into three intriguing topics surrounding esports sponsorships on this years Mid-Season Invitational. We explore the value of in-game placements, the impact of production choices on sponsor visibility, and the surprising audience age findings from recent events. Through detailed analysis and data-driven insights, we uncover the dynamics that shape successful sponsorships in the world of esports.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Power of the Unassuming: In-Game Placements:

    Analyzing the recent Mid-Season Invitational, we discovered the significant impact of the in-game Rift Banner. Despite its small size, occupying just 0.33% of the screen, this asset contributed a remarkable 20% to the total media value generated by partner brands. Its success lies in its quantity, with 600k captures and 8.6B impressions across streaming days, elevating it to the ranks of industry heavyweights. The in-game Rift Banner demonstrates that even the smallest assets can leave a lasting impression on esports fans.

    Shikenso Analytics: MSI 2023 Rift Banner Exposure

  • Surprising Audience Age Findings:

    Our analysis of the Mid-Season Invitational revealed that the event mainly attracted an adult audience in terms of age. Despite the notion that League of Legends predominantly appeals to a very young audience, the average Mid-Season Invitational spectator had a median age of 20.25. These findings challenge industry assumptions and highlight the diverse demographics of esports spectators, emphasizing the need for targeted marketing strategies that cater to a wide range of age groups.

  • Production Choices and Sponsorship Results:

    The enduring partnership between Red Bull and Riot Events has demonstrated the impact of production choices on sponsorship success. We found that camera angles, strategic positioning, and careful planning of on-screen overlays played crucial roles in maximizing sponsor visibility. By showcasing assets on-screen and integrating them seamlessly into the event's narrative, production choices become the wind beneath the wings of sponsorships, propelling them to captivate audiences and drive brand recognition.

    Shikenso Analytics: MSI 2023 Rift Banner Exposure

The Mid-Season-Invitational provided us with valuable insights into the world of esports tournaments and production. Beyond the surface-level numbers, the global nature of viewership, the evolving demographics of esports audiences, and the significance of partnerships play a pivotal role in the assessment of an event. By leveraging these insights, stakeholders can navigate the esports landscape more effectively and foster continued growth in this thriving ecosystem.



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