Partnership between FATE and Shikenso

Jordanian esports organisation FATE Esports will see German analytics company Shikenso as its new data provider for measurement of sponsorship assets.


Karsten Schonauer
Creative Director
Partnerships / 2 Min.


After having managed to win over some well-known partners for our solution this year e.g. one of the biggest German esports teams and one of the largest German esports media production agencies in the space, we were able to finish of 2020 strongly by signing FATE Esports. During the 2020 season, the team managed to place top 40 in the HLTV ranking and showed, that the development of their roster was proving worth. The early success throughout the year fueled the interest of companies in the team and led to newly established partnerships with HyperX and Orange Jordan.

However, with its new position in the industry, new difficulties and challenges quickly arose for the organisation. Trying to prove the team's value to potential sponsors and investors as well as to existing ones has turned out to be one of the key points that needed to be tackled. 


“Shikenso’s AI technology enables us to gain deep insights into our online live audience and maximize visibility for our sponsors."

Mohammad Majali, Founding Partner, FATE Esports


Our sponsorship valuation tools give FATE the opportunity to do just that. The solution offers the organisation the possibility to document the team's activities on streaming platforms at the most granular level through analysis of logo and jersey appearances. Mohammad Majali explained, that the team played 60 official maps during July 2020 alone, adding up to a total of 150 maps played at an average of 45 minutes each. With the team's online appearances being highly dispersed due to simultaneous participation in multiple online tournaments, dedicated content tracking presents scalable added value for the team. An analytical approach to measuring the reach of their brand and the media value generated was found to be the right solution for the organisation's needs.



Download the full Press Release here


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