PGL - The Stockholm Major

The tournament organizer is banking on reliable metrics to evaluate brand partnerships.


Karsten Schonauer
Creative Director
Partnerships / 1 Min.


Founded in 2002, PGL Esports is a renowned multimedia company encompassing event organization, studio and video production, and TV and online streaming. Attracting both national and international audiences, PGL is working with some of the esports industry’s biggest players to produce memorable experiences for various titles. Most recently, they accomplished the successful production of the world’s largest esports tournament, DotA 2's The International. With the Stockholm Major, PGL is relying on its own media channels to again provide a global audience with best-in-class gaming content. To evaluate and benchmark the performance of brand partners such as ZowieSecretlab, Bitget and, PGL has decided to turn to Shikenso.


“We have a close relationship with our partners, and we believe in full transparency when it comes to reports. That's why we decided to collaborate with Shikenso Analytics."

Silviu Stroie, CEO, PGL


Shikenso and PGL’s strategic partnership is intended to provide the tournament organizer with deep-data insights into its digital inventory and brand partner activation. Shikenso’s cross-platform solution enables a qualitative and quantitative analysis of sponsorship assets that will empower PGL to better understand the performance of partner integrations.



Download the full Press Release here


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