Prime League Media Valuation

Shikenso and Freaks 4U Gaming opt into a partnership around the Prime League and aim to further evolve the German esports scene together.


Karsten Schonauer
Creative Director
Partnerships / 1 Min.


Since 2019, Freaks 4U Gaming is responsible for the production and operation of the German League of Legends national league. For players and young talents in the German-speaking regions, the Prime League offers a stage on which they can prove themselves against other competitors and lift their career up onto the next level.

As the league reaches a viewer base across the DACH market, it is not surprising that the league is supported by many well-known partners in this region. Consisting of endemic and non-endemic brands, the partners and suppliers have so far created different touch points with the esports and gaming industry.


"With Shikenso we found an independent partner who will support our vision with reliable and data driven analyses and identify how best to engage with our passionate fan base.“

Marco Niemann, Vice President Commercial, Freaks 4U Gaming GmbH:


Validating the ecosystem to the partners with our sponsorship metrics and algorithms is one of the many things Freaks 4U Gaming is able to do through the data partnership. The integration of different assets such as logo placements, banner overlays, content formats or advertisement clips can now be evaluated individually on the basis of each respective key performance indicator. This kind of transparency helps evaluate the brand partners activities and presents comprehensible, data-based results.



Download the full Press Release here


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