Shikenso Analytics Introduces Holsitic Sponsotship Tracking  Approach: Measurement of Visible, Audible, Legible Exposure & Audience Analysis
Shikenso Analytics Introduces Holsitic Sponsotship Tracking  Approach: Measurement of Visible, Audible, Legible Exposure & Audience Analysis

Shikenso Analytics Revolutionizes Sponsorship Tracking

Now offering a holistic AI-powered approach, Shikenso Analytics will cater to the needs of all rights holders, brands, sports & esports entities.


Benedikt Becker
Marketing Director
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Frankfurt am Main (Germany), May 16th 2024 - Shikenso Analytics, a leader in the analytics industry, specializing in sports, esports, and entertainment, is thrilled to announce two major advancements that set new standards in sponsorship tracking and analysis. This upgrade introduces a more holistic approach to sponsorship tracking, integrating Advanced Audience Analytics to offer a full picture view. In addition, Shikenso Analytics is proud to unveil its new website, designed to better showcase the comprehensive capabilities of its innovative platform.

Since its inception in 2017, Shikenso Analytics has been at the forefront of offering cutting-edge analytics solutions. Today, the company takes a giant leap forward by enhancing its platform to track and analyze sponsorships across visible, audible, and legible exposures. This latest development introduces a sophisticated approach designed to monitor a wide array of content, including TV-broadcasts, Over-The-Top (OTT) content, live streaming, social and print media exposure. The goal is to give brands and rights holders a full view of their sponsorship's impact to accurately measure and maximize their return on investment (ROI).


Key Innovations and Features


Holistic Sponsorship Tracking

Shikenso Analytics now offers an unprecedented level of tracking by analyzing visible, audible, and legible exposures. Brands can now gain insights into how their sponsorships are perceived across multiple dimensions, ensuring a thorough understanding of their impact.


Advanced Audio Analysis

The platform's enhanced audio tracking capabilities allow for the detection and analysis of brand and keyword mentions during events in more than 200 languages. Whether it's a naming right or sponsored audio format during a tournament stream or a TV broadcast, our AI-driven system captures and valuates the audio snippet, providing insights into the brand's auditory presence.


Integrated Audience Analytics

With the new audience analytics feature, brands can understand not just how their sponsorships are perceived, but also who the recipient is. This includes detailed demographic data, such as geographical location, age, gender split, marital status, income, and interests, providing a richer picture of the audience.


ROI Analysis

Leveraging AI, Shikenso Analytics quantifies every aspect of sponsorship exposure, offering a monetary value to each element across all media channels. This empowers brands to precisely measure their ROI and make informed decisions based on comprehensive data-driven insights.


New Website Launch

To showcase all new features of the platform, Shikenso Analytics is excited to launch a new website that reflects our commitment to innovation and excellence. The website provides an in-depth look at our services, showcasing how we provide unparalleled insights into the world of brand exposure in sports, esports, and entertainment.


“We are proud to introduce these new enhancements to our analytics platform. Our holistic approach to tracking sponsorships is a game-changer in the industry. It allows our partners to capture the full value of their partnerships. With our advanced AI technology and comprehensive analysis, we are setting new standards in the analytics domain, reaffirming our commitment to delivering unparalleled data solutions.”

Tarik Amhamdi, Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Shikenso Analytics


Shikenso Analytics invites brands, rights holders, agencies, and industry professionals to explore the new features of our platform and our newly launched website to discover how we can transform their approach to sponsorship tracking and analysis.

Book a free demo to see what's behind Shikenso's holistic approach. 



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