The Cat to the Mouz

23rd November 2021

In search of sponsorship evaluation tools, mousesports finds Shikenso.

Karsten Schonauer  

Karsten Schonauer
Senior Marketing Manager


Mouz (aka mousesports) and esports go way back. Since its founding in 2002, the Hamburg based organization has been animated by a pioneering ambition. It’s a spirit they have recently renewed as part of a successful rebranding. Empowered by successes and setbacks alike, the organisation has persisted over nearly two decades and is now an integral part of the esports ecosystem, especially for its German fanbase. With an astonishing 360 esports trophies to their name, Mouz now turns to Shikenso’s 360 degree analytics solution.


“Our mission at Mouz is to shape a sustainable esports industry with a clear vision and innovational spirit. In Shikenso we have found a partner that embodies the same values as us, who will be providing us with the best possible data set for our sponsors and ourselves."

Jan Dominicus, Chief Business Development Officer, MOUZ


The strategic partnership will see the Frankfurt based analytics startup Shikenso perform media evaluations of Mouz’s digital inventory. Shikenso’s cross-platform AI tool will provide an in-depth performance overview of each Mouz channel. This is expected to serve as a foundation on which the team can perfect its data-driven decision making.



Download the full Press Release here