Discover the top sportswear brands outfitting teams for EURO 2024 with Shikenso Analytics.
Discover the top sportswear brands outfitting teams for EURO 2024 with Shikenso Analytics.

The Outfitters of the EURO 2024 National Teams

Discover the top sportswear brands outfitting teams for EURO 2024 with Shikenso Analytics. From Nike and Adidas to Puma and more, explore the brands behind the football kits and the impact of their sponsorships.


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With less than a month to go for EURO 2024, Shikenso Analytics is shifting its focus to the world of Football. Germany is ready to host all 24 nations at the 17th edition of the EURO which will commence on 14th June and end on the 14th of the following month. All 24 teams will don their brand-new jerseys but who are the 6 brands behind the gorgeous kits? Shikenso takes a keen look!  

Before we jump to the individual brands behind these kits, one may wonder who the big players are that have contracts with multiple national teams.

Overview graphic showing all outfitting sponsors for the national teams participating in EURO 2024, highlighting brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Joma, Macron, and Hummel.


Outfitter #1 (Nike)  

There’s no doubt that Nike is one of the most prominent brands in the world of sportswear. The American brand has an ongoing deal with 9 of the EURO 2024 participants. Nike integrated some bold twists on iconic jerseys to prepare for the Summer when they dropped their latest line of international kits this March. Of course, Nike is no stranger to releasing some elegant kits and the tradition continues this year as well.  

Here are all the teams that will be sporting Nike kits at the EURO: 

Detailed graphic of Nike's outfitting sponsorships, showing the national teams wearing Nike kits at EURO 2024.


Outfitter #2 (Adidas) 

Just like Nike, Adidas has its own fanbase in the world of Football. The Adidas stripes will find their home on the jerseys of 6 of the contenders of EURO 2024. The German brand has decided to keep it plain and simple with its home kits but it’s the away kits that will surely turn heads.  

These are the 6 teams donning Adidas this Summer: 

Overview of Adidas-sponsored national teams for EURO 2024, highlighting Adidas's role as a key outfitter for the tournament


Outfitter #3 (Puma)  

Puma is bringing its feline touch to EURO 2024. Yet another German brand making its mark at the EURO, Puma has designed jerseys for 4 European teams this Summer. Puma’s jerseys at the tournament flaunt clever use of patterns and a few of them surely do stand out among the more traditionally designed kits. 

Check out the teams with the Puma logo on the front of their jersey this EURO:

EURO 2024 Puma sponsorships: Graphic illustrating which national teams are outfitted by Puma for the championship


Outfitter #4 (Joma) 

Spanish sports brand Joma is associated with several European teams. This EURO, 2 of the 24 teams will proudly wear Joma jerseys. Both the jerseys feature a Yellow/Blue colorway for their home kits. So, it goes without saying that these bright Yellow Joma jerseys can be spotted from a stadium away.   

Which teams are wearing Joma jerseys at EURO 2024? Check them out: 

EURO 2024 Joma sponsorships: Graphic illustrating which national teams are outfitted by Joma for the championship.


Outfitter #5 (Macron)  

Macron is bringing the Italian flavor to this edition of the EURO. The sportswear brand is currently partnered with 2 teams that are participating this year. Both the teams will be flaunting a Red hot jersey and it is refreshing to see such bright colors this torrid season. Macron is also the designer behind the jersey of Team BDS.  

These teams will be proudly representing Macron jerseys at EURO: 

EURO 2024 Macron sponsorships: Graphic illustrating which national teams are outfitted by Macron for the championship.


Outfitter #6 (Hummel)  

German-Danish company, Hummel is the last jersey manufacturer on our list today. Not so surprisingly, Hummel is the proud designer of the Denmark National Team’s jersey this EURO. Hummel is also the brand behind a number of esports teams’ jerseys including Team Vitality and Astralis. 

Who’s the only team wearing a Hummel jersey this EURO? Check it out: 

Graphic showcasing the national teams sponsored by Hummel for EURO 2024, detailing Hummel's outfitting partnership


Contract Updates 

A number of these national Football teams are witnessing contract changes with their kit manufacturers. Some teams are extending their contracts while others are switching sides.  

The biggest news comes from Germany with the team now switching to Nike after being long-term partners with Adidas for over 70 years. The change of sides, however, takes place way after EURO and will commence in 2027. France’s partnership sees an extension with Nike with the two-time EURO winners extending the deal till the 2033/34 season, after the current contract was intended to finish during the 2026/27 season. Nike has been a partner of French Football since 2011 which should help the two sides stick together for 2 decades. 


Top Outfitters 

It’s no secret that certain sportswear brands are dominating when it comes to being linked with some of the top European teams playing at this EURO. Nike and Adidas mean business in this regard and all of the European teams that are ranked in the top 10 of FIFA rankings are sponsored by either of the two sports giants. Nike might have the edge over Adidas though as it designs the kits of 4 out of the top 5 teams of this EURO- again based on FIFA rankings. Puma also sees themselves as the proud partner of a number of teams that are placed midway along the FIFA rankings. Despite Hummel being linked with just Denmark, the Danish are just one spot shy of the top 20 in the rankings. And while Joma is partnered with some decent teams, both of the Macron kit wearers see themselves at the very bottom among all the EURO 2024 participants.  

Table chart comparing national teams' outfitting sponsors with their FIFA rankings, highlighting which brands sponsor the highest-ranked teams.


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