Key Facts about the VCT Americas 2023

18th July 2023

Captivating insights from this years VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Americas League, exploring audience dynamics and the impact of strategic partnerships.

Key Facts about the VCT Americas 2023

Karsten Schonauer  

Karsten Schonauer
Senior Marketing Manager


The VCT 2023: Americas League brought forth exciting esports action and captivating sponsorships. Understanding the impact of different formats and sponsorship strategies is essential for the industry's sustainable growth. In this article, we delve into three intriguing topics surrounding sponsorship and audience of the event and explore the valuable insights they provide. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Secretlab Dominates the Sponsor Race:

    Among the various sponsor integrations, the Secretlab chair emerged as the dominant asset at the VCT 2023: Americas League. With a staggering 2.46 billion impressions across all streaming days, the Secretlab chair accounted for 11% of the total media value generated for sponsors throughout the event. Its prominent presence in player cameras and broadcasting shots solidified its position as an iconic and memorable asset.

    Shikenso Analytics: VCT Americas 2023 Secretlab Sponsorship Performance

  • Different Formats, Different Effects:

    The VCT 2023: Americas League introduced two captivating sponsored formats: the Red Bull Clutch Replay and the Prime Gaming Match Highlights. While the Match Highlights were thoughtfully planned and showcased after every series, the Clutch Replay took a more spontaneous approach, highlighting high-pressure, game-changing moments. Red Bull's strategy of focusing on high-pressure scenarios paid off, delivering sponsorship results that surpassed the impact of Match Highlights with more than double the media value generated. 

    Shikenso Analytics: VCT Americas 2023 Red Bull Clutch vs Prime Gaming Match Highlight Media Value Performance

  • South America's Overwhelming Audience:

    The VCT: Americas League witnessed the Brazilian team LOUD clinching the trophy and securing their spot in VALORANT Masters and Champions events. Analyzing the audience data revealed surprising insights. Brazil held the majority share with 49.09%, followed by the USA at 21.37%. Notably, Latin America accounted for a substantial 59.30% share. Despite prominent North American esports organizations participating, Brazil's viewership surpassed that of the US by more than double. 

    Shikenso Analytics: VCT Americs 2023 Viewership Demographics


The VCT 2023: Americas League provided us with valuable insights into the world of esports sponsorships. The different formats and their effects, the dominance of Secretlab in sponsorships, and the surprising viewership demographics all offer valuable information to enhance sponsorship strategies. By staying attuned to these insights, stakeholders can capitalize on emerging trends and opportunities in the esports landscape.



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