Echo Esports in search of Analytics

The "Race to World First" champions will build on AI-solutions.


Karsten Schonauer
Creative Director
Partnerships / 2 Min.


Echo Esports is one of the most successful gaming organisation in the MMO-classic World of Warcraft. Founded in 2020 by the most successful WoW players of all time, the organisation quickly put its name on top of the scene by winning the infamous "Race to World First" in July 2021. Building on this achievement, Echo has been on a steady course of success ever since, both in sporting and economic terms, scoring multiple partnerships with industry leading partners on the one hand Displate, Secretlab and Curseforge, and topping the "Race to World First" Leaderboard in March 2022 for a second consecutive time. Echo Esports aims to further solidify its position in the esports industry and will now rely on best-in-class sponsorship metrics to measure performance of its partnerships with a cross-channel approach. 


“With Shikenso and its innovative technology we can perfectly monitor and showcase the impact of our brand and creative campaigns. With in-depth reports and analyses about our daily activities including our in-house events like “Race to World First” in World of Warcraft and our “Blind Progression” in Final Fantasy, we will be able to further increase the value in partnering with Echo Esports and expand our partnership assets.”

Jasmin Pötzelsberger, Head of Partnerships, Echo Esports


The partnership between Shikenso and Echo is expected to enable the organization to gain deeper insight into their social and streaming channels. With Shikenso's innovative approach to analysing and evaluating partnerships, Echo will gain a profounder understanding of brand integration performance, and is equipped them with the right tools to report media valuations to their partners in a purposeful manner.



Download the full Press Release here


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