Is Kick The New Streaming Powerhouse?

How One Platform is Changing the Streaming Game with its Disruptive Approach.


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The world of live streaming is ever-growing and while many consider Twitch to be the market leader, there is a new player in town. With a unique focus on an aggressive streamer acquisition, Kick has kept streaming platforms on the edge of their seats. The Shikenso team analyzes what Kick has to offer, who’s on it, and what makes it a market disruptor.


How Is It Different?

As we delve deep into the streaming wars, the first question that may arise is, “How is Kick different from its competitors, such as Twitch?”. The biggest difference between these two platforms is who they’re focusing on more. Industry leader Twitch follows a viewers-first approach. Viewers never seem to run out of options on Twitch when they consume a specific type of content. On top of that, Twitch never hesitates to drop the ban hammer whenever a streamer goes rogue on the platform. They intend to protect viewers from content that may not necessarily uphold a family-friendly environment. This is why even stunned creators such as Dr. Disrespect and Pokimane weren’t safe from getting banned from the platform.

On the other hand, Kick has adopted a streamers-first approach for their business model. Content moderation isn’t as strict as one might think, so streamers must worry less about their on-stream actions and opinions. Kick has also embraced online gambling and allows its streamers to live-stream betting content on their channels. The “Slots & Casino” category rakes in a huge chunk of viewers for Kick, often being the section that brings the highest viewership.

This open embrace of online betting and looser content moderation policies has sparked a significant amount of criticism. Critics argue that it could lead to problematic content proliferation and potentially expose viewers to harmful gambling habits. The platform's approach has ignited a debate on the balance between creative freedom and the responsibility of platforms to safeguard their audience.


KICK Streamer Adin Ross hosting a social casino stream
Adin Ross’ Social Casino Stream; Source: KICK

It’s also worth noting that Kick offers a 95:5 revenue split with streamers getting the majority share. On the other hand, Twitch offers a 70:30 revenue split which is nerfed to a 50:50 split once the creator earns $100,000 on the platform.


Who’s on Kick?

A streaming platform is only known by the cumulative popularity of its streamers. That’s why ever since its inception, Kick has aggressively acquired streamers by offering lucrative deals and incentives. This has led to an exodus of streamers from Twitch to Kick which is now giving the former a run for its money.

The biggest name to make his mark on Kick is undoubtedly Adin Ross. The streamer has the highest number of followers (1.1m) on the platform, joining them in March 2023. One of the most celebrated names of the streaming space, xQc is a regular face on Kick too. Boasting almost 700k followers, the personality often streams betting content. Other well-known names on the platform include Nickmercs, Tfue, and Roshtein. Female streamers such as Amouranth, Nadia, and, demisux have embraced the platform as well.


Shaking Hands With F1?

In early 2023, Kick made headlines when it signed a multi-year sponsorship agreement with Sauber Motorsport's Alfa Romeo F1 Team. However, the Sauber team's branding alternates between Kick and Stake, another company under the same umbrella, depending on the race location's betting advertising laws. This dual branding strategy ensures compliance with local regulations, demonstrating the nuanced approach required in global sports sponsorships. Despite the high-profile sponsorship, the team has not been performing well in the current season, which has been a point of discussion among F1 enthusiasts.


Stake F1 Team KICK Sauber Car Livery for the C44
KICK Sauber C44 Livery; Source: Formula1

The partnership with Sauber, which includes naming rights for the team's chassis and involvement in F1 Esports, along with a sponsorship deal with top-flight English club Everton, highlights Kick's ambitious expansion into diverse arenas. It sets the stage for intriguing developments in the intersection of live streaming, sports, and digital entertainment.


The conflict between loose moderation and a more regulated setting highlights the difficulties and possibilities the live-streaming sector will face as it continues to draw large audiences worldwide. The rivalry between Kick and Twitch has the potential to influence live streaming in the future by forcing the industry to change as a result of shifting dynamics.


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