Snack Brands in Esports: Sponsorship Market Evolution

10th January 2024

Discover how snack and sweets brands have seized their opportunities in the world of competitive gaming.

The Evolution of Esports Sponsorships: From Snickers to Pringles. Esports meets Snack and Sweets Brands.

Karsten Schonauer  

Karsten Schonauer
Creative Director


In a world where the lines between reality and the virtual are blurring, one industry stands at the forefront of this digital revolution: esports. And in the heart of this rapidly growing world, one factor is increasingly being recognized as crucial – brand partnerships.


Snacks and Esports, a Tasty Duo

This space is often associated with the classic gamer archetype: a young aficionado savoring potato chips, chocolate, and ice cream. But let’s get real – who doesn’t crave a tasty snack during a break or while binge-watching a series? Savvy global brands are tapping into the pulse of the younger generation, tailoring their offerings to the specific cravings of esports enthusiasts, cementing their allegiance to this vibrant community.


Esports Sponsorship Timeline


Esports' Snack Attack

The electrifying synergy between snacking and gaming excellence has catapulted snack and sweets brands into the esports limelight. A substantial chunk of their target audience is at home, deep in their gaming setups, creating a win-win scenario for both the snack industry and esports enthusiasts.

A stellar example of this strategic shift is none other than Pringles, who teamed up with ESL One Hamburg in 2017. As the announcement boldly declared, "snacking and gaming just belong together." Staying true to these words, Pringles has broadened its roster of esports sponsorships, joining forces with organizations and tournaments like ESL, LEC, G2 Esports, Unlocked, and NSE, skyrocketing in popularity within the community.


Examples of Major Snack and Sweets Brand Sponsorship Moves:

Pringles x ESL One Hamburg (2017):

Esports Sponsorship Timeline

Image Credit: Esports Observer


KitKat x LA Valiant (2019):

Esports Sponsorship Timeline

Image Credit: Immortals Gaming Club


Doritos x DreamHack (2019):

Esports Sponsorship Timeline

Image Credit: DreamHack


The convergence of snacks and sweets with the esports industry illustrates a symbiotic partnership. As the esports universe evolves, these brands aren’t merely sponsors; they are dynamic contributors to the community’s growth and triumphs. Their knack for adapting to the ever-changing preferences of the gaming audience underscores their significance in the digital revolution. Snacks and esports have formed an irresistible alliance, satiating the hunger for both gaming glory and falvorsome delights.



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