9INE and Shikenso Establish Sponsorship Data Partnership
9INE and Shikenso Establish Sponsorship Data Partnership

9INE and Shikenso Establish Sponsorship Data Partnership

The Swedish esports organization will rely on best-in-class analytics tools going forward.


Karsten Schonauer
Creative Director
Partnerships / 2 Min.


Frankfurt am Main (Germany), July 12th 20239INE, an esports organization and talent management company, hailing from Sweden, is breaking new ground in the industry by fostering innovation and placing passion at the core of its activities. While aiming to become the world's leading esports organization, 9INE stands out with its high-calibre CS:GO roster from Poland. This talented team has achieved remarkable success, securing a top 10 position in the latest ESL ranking. Upholding its commitment to excellence, 9INE continues to work with superior quality, professionalism, and integrity, consistently striving to achieve the best possible results.

By joining forces with Shikenso, 9INE solidifies its commitment to innovation and excellence. Leveraging Shikenso's best-in-class AI technology, the partnership will introduce cutting-edge solutions that monitor partnerships across streaming and social channels. This game-changing integration empowers 9INE to measure and benchmark partner performance accurately across media, enabling data-driven decision making.


“9INE is excited to announce a dynamic partnership with Shikenso. With a shared vision for innovation and excellence, we're harnessing the power of AI to redefine the landscape of media marketing analytics in the esports realm. Shikenso's expertise in AI-driven analytics empowers us to provide our partners with profound insights into market trends, audience engagement, and campaign effectiveness. This collaboration is set to take our media marketing strategies to new heights, underpinning our commitment to delivering exceptional value to our partners”

William Lövqvist, Chief Commercial Officer & Co-Founder, 9INE


“We are excited to partner with 9INE in their pursuit of excellence. By combining our AI technology with 9INE's clear vision, we are confident that this partnership will unlock new possibilities for the organization and will propel them to new heights. We look forward to creating a positive impact and enhancing 9INE’s data approach..”

Arwin Fallah Shirazi, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Shikenso GmbH


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About Shikenso

Shikenso GmbH is a Germany based analytics company working in the esports and gaming industry. By using artificial intelligence, the company enables representatives of the industry to evaluate and control their investments, sponsorships, and marketing activities in a sustainable way and furthermore creates a more transparent ecosystem towards endemic and non-endemic brands. Branded content or sponsorship assets are analyzed throughout live-streaming and social media platforms to exploit the full potential of every engagement and boost performance with reliable data.

About 9INE

9INE, an unconventional force in the world of esports, serves as a bridge between cultures and generations, uniting them through the power of competitive gaming. Within just a few short years, 9INE has transcended from its grassroots origins to the prestigious Blast Paris Major 2023, showcasing that underdogs have the ability to compete at the highest levels. But 9INE is more than just an organization; it represents audacity and an extraordinary ethos that seeks to inspire and redefine the entire esports landscape.



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