Drone Racing - The Flying Revolution

The league operator is building on artificial intelligence to evaluate its digital inventory.


Karsten Schonauer
Creative Director
Partnerships / 1 Min.


The Drone Champions League, recognised as the world championship of drone racing, offers a platform for professional teams to compete against eachother on a global stage. The innovative race series blurs the lines between virtual and reality to serve up a new era of sports entertainment. Wearing VR-Goggles, the pilots maneuver racing drones with more than 160 km/h over the tracks. Going into it's sixth season, the DCL once again attracts the best pilots in the world to take part in spectecular real-life and virtual settings.


“We are thrilled to start the sixth season of DCL, which will be the first ever hybrid season in drone racing! By doing both virtual and real-life races, we are so happy to bring the sport of drone racing to our fans across the globe again, especially in these challenging times! The growth in audience and engagement throughout last year has shown to us the combining of both worlds fascinates not only our teams and ourselves, but ultimately our community too. By partnering with Shikenso, the leading data analytics partner in the space, we look forward to using the insights to further develop and better our offering to our audiences!"

Benedikt Brandmeier, Head of Sales & Strategy


The strategic partnership between Shikenso and the Drone Champions League aims towards providing the league operator with deep-data insights for its digital inventory and brand partners. The analysis solution provides qualitative and quantitative insights into sponsorship activities and activations on streaming platforms and social media networks.will highlight the value of the leagues brand partnerships.



Download the full Press Release here


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