French esports organization Gentle Mates & Shikenso Analytics enter partnership for performance measurement of partnerships and sponsorships
French esports organization Gentle Mates & Shikenso Analytics enter partnership for performance measurement of partnerships and sponsorships

Gentle Mates and Shikenso partner for Sponsorship Evaluation

The French esports organization builds on partnership performance data going forward.


Karsten Schonauer
Creative Director
Partnerships / 3 Min.


Frankfurt am Main (Germany), December 4th 2023 - Ignited by leading influencers Squeezie, Gotaga & Brawks, the French gaming and esports organization Gentle Mates is swiftly gaining recognition. With competitive teams excelling in VALORANT, TFT, and Fortnite, the organization is solidifying its position in the industry. In a meteoric rise, Gentle Mates clinched victory in the VCT 2023: Ascensions EMEA tournament, earning them a coveted spot in the 2024/2025 VCT EMEA Leagues. A two-year stint awaits them in the prestigious EMEA International League.

To strengthen collaborations with brand partners like Deezer, TCL, ALDI, and recently announced official supplier Razer, Gentle Mates will leverage Shikenso's innovative cross-platform approach, offering comprehensive insights into partnership performance across streaming and social channels. This holistic understanding of value creation enables the organization to effectively measure the impact of its partnerships and cultivate enduring brand relationships.


“Gentle Mates was founded by 3 true leaders in terms of content creation, used to building large and very engaged communities. Doing so, they also acquired a lot of experience in partnering with brands that expect their collaboration to include both highly creative content AND great media value. By partnering with Shikenso, our team and our representing agency Bump are now equipped to deliver on this double-promise: the outstanding value of our impactful contents will be captured and analysed by their expert teams and tools. A fantastic way to drive value for our current partners… and our future ones!”

Nicolas Borri, Head of Development and Operations, Gentle Mates


“The founding team around Squeezie, Gotaga, and Brawks, brings a wealth of experience, propelling the organization's rapid ascent. Proficient in collaborating with brand partners, they recognize the significance of data-driven marketing. We are committed to providing Gentle Mate's with the best tools to help them achieve outstanding results.””

Arwin Fallah Shirazi, CEO & Co-Founder, Shikenso GmbH


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About Shikenso

Shikenso GmbH is a Germany based analytics company working in the esports and gaming industry. By using artificial intelligence, the company enables representatives of the industry to evaluate and control their investments, sponsorships, and marketing activities in a sustainable way and furthermore creates a more transparent ecosystem towards endemic and non-endemic brands. Branded content or sponsorship assets are analyzed throughout live-streaming and social media platforms to exploit the full potential of every engagement and boost performance with reliable data.

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About Gentle Mates

True pioneers of the genre in France, Corentin Houssein, aka Gotaga, and Kevin Georges, aka Brawks, started their esport careers as professional players on Call of Duty back in 2010. They are joined by Lucas Hauchard, aka Squeezie, France's most followed content creator. A long-time friend of the duo and video game enthusiast from the start, Squeezie shared the same secret desire to create his own structure. Since April 2023, they are writing a new page of their history together, with the creation of their own esport structure. Gentle Mates was born. Their ambition is to build a true esport institution on the French and European stages, with teams competing in Fortnite, Valorant and TFT. They are already proving their worth by entering the Valorant Champions Tour EMEA, Valorant's international league, last August.



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