Team BDS Partners With Shikenso Analytics for Sponsorship Tracking: The Swiss Esports Team will Rely on Leading Data Solutions Going Forward
Team BDS Partners With Shikenso Analytics for Sponsorship Tracking: The Swiss Esports Team will Rely on Leading Data Solutions Going Forward

Team BDS Partners With Shikenso for Sponsorship Tracking

The Swiss Esports Team will Rely on Best-In-Class Data Solutions Going Forward


Karsten Schonauer
Creative Director
Partnerships / 3 Min.


Frankfurt am Main (Germany), April 18th 2024 - Team BDS, one of the fastest-growing esports structures in the world, endorsed by the under-30 demographic, is now embarking on a partnership with Shikenso Analytics, a German IT firm specializing in esports brand exposure.

Making their presence known in the arenas of Rocket League, Rainbow6, EA FC, and League of Legends, Team BDS knows what it takes to make waves. The organization is pushing its esports vision beyond Season 2024, solidifying its position as a formidable organization in the global esports hub as well as reinforcing its foundation for players, creators, and partners.

Emphasizing its commitment to being performance-driven, Team BDS will now leverage the AI solutions of Shikenso to monitor and optimize partnerships across social and streaming channels and further improve its strategic decision-making processes and performance metrics. This collaboration with Shikenso Analytics highlights Team BDS's devotion to giving its athletes, streamers, and sponsors unmatched chances for success as the group pushes limits and redefines industry norms. Team BDS now has all it takes to make informed, data-driven decisions to strengthen its relationship with current and future partners. 


Shikenso's pioneering solution provides Team BDS with valuable insights, ensuring a more consistent and data-driven approach to evaluating partnership performances. This marks a pivotal moment in our journey towards commitment and success in our current and future partnerships.

Jocelyn Roux, Managing Director and Head of Legal, Team BDS

We are pleased to have Team BDS as one of our newest partners. Our unwavering commitment to leading the way in sponsorship insights supports our main goal to establish an industry standard for assessing media values. As the organization’s global presence continues to thrive, we look forward to using our data-driven contributions to play a crucial part in driving this journey of growth.

Arwin Fallah Shirazi, Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Shikenso Analytics


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About Shikenso Analytics

In the world of sports, esports and entertainment, understanding the true impact of sponsorships is crucial. That's where we, Shikenso Analytics, come in. Founded in Germany in 2017, we are driven by the ambition of transforming intuition-based decisions into data-backed strategies. Leveraging industry leading AI technology, we make sponsorships quantifiable in real time, measuring generated media and brand values for a granular assessment of your sponsorship ROI.

Shikenso’s comprehensive toolkit ranges from image recognition, audience analysis, audio and voice tracking to text sentiment analysis, all designed for understanding and enhancing brand visibility and engagement across various channels such as broadcasts, OTT, live streams, online media and social media.

Our approach simplifies the complex, making actionable insights accessible for rights holders and brands. With Shikenso, you're not just guessing; you're knowing. Let's navigate the future of sponsorship together, backed by data you can trust.

For more information, please visit:


About Team BDS

Founded in Geneva in 2019, Team BDS is active in 4 games and currently has over 25 players. The team joined the LEC in 2022, the highest European division of the League of Legends professional scene, and became Rocket League World Champions in August 2022.

As one of the fastest-growing esport structures in the world, Team BDS follows its own path with determination, intelligence and audacity. Boasting a community of hundreds of thousands of fans and having won numerous competitions, Team BDS aims to make a global impact on the esport scene thanks to its performance and ambition, while adopting ethical and eco-responsible behavior on a daily basis. "Challenge the game" is the team's motto.



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