Complexity Gaming teams up with Shikenso Analytics for partnership performance measurement
Complexity Gaming teams up with Shikenso Analytics for partnership performance measurement

Complexity Gaming Partners with Shikenso Analytics

The North American Esports Organisation Turns Up the Heat with Sponsorship Data.


Karsten Schonauer
Creative Director
Partnerships / 3 Min.


Frankfurt am Main (Germany), May 28th 2024 - Complexity Gaming, one of America’s premier esports organizations that was established in 2003, is now venturing into a partnership with Shikenso Analytics, a German analytics firm specializing in sponsorship evaluation. 

Having made waves in Counter-Strike, Rocket League, Halo, and more, Complexity Gaming has picked up 140 titles since its inception. Owned and operated by industry pioneer Jason Lake, Complexity takes pride in its future focused leadership while also being one of America’s longest-standing esports organizations. This consistent emphasis on innovation and a persistent focus on a player-first approach led to the creation of the most advanced operations center and training facilities in global esports. 

Complexity will harness a number of Shikenso Analytics’ AI solutions to complete its pursuit of being performance driven. By making use of Shikenso’s video and social media analytics, the organization can now track brand exposure across various platforms and channels. Complexity will not only get a thorough grasp of their partner’s presence, but they can also determine the precise media value. With all the tools at its disposal, Complexity Gaming can now make data-driven, well-informed decisions that will improve its relationship with both present and future partners. 


“We're thrilled to be working with Shikenso Analytics to utilize their market leading data technologies in our operations and reporting. Complexity's esports teams, creators, content and campaigns are seen by millions of fans around the world, and with the real time reporting by Shikenso we can ensure that we're able to effectively communicate that value both internally and externally.”

Kyle Bautista, COO, Complexity Gaming


“We are pleased to have Complexity Gaming as one of our partners. Our primary objective, which is to create an industry standard for evaluating media values, is supported by our steadfast dedication to setting the benchmark in sponsorship insights. We are eager to use our data-driven contributions to help the organization further accelerate its expansion as it maintains its position as a leader in the industry.”

Arwin Fallah Shirazi, Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Shikenso GmbH


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About Shikenso Analytics

In the world of sports, esports and entertainment, understanding the true impact of sponsorships is crucial. That's where we, Shikenso Analytics, come in. Founded in Germany in 2017, we are driven by the ambition of transforming intuition-based decisions into data-backed strategies. Leveraging industry leading AI technology, we make sponsorships quantifiable in real time, measuring generated media and brand values for a granular assessment of your sponsorship ROI.

Shikenso’s comprehensive toolkit ranges from image recognition, audience analysis, audio and voice tracking to text sentiment analysis, all designed for understanding and enhancing brand visibility and engagement across various channels such as broadcasts, OTT, live streams, online media and social media.

Our approach simplifies the complex, making actionable insights accessible for rights holders and brands. With Shikenso, you're not just guessing; you're knowing. Let's navigate the future of sponsorship together, backed by data you can trust.

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About Complexity Gaming

Complexity Gaming is one of North America’s longest-standing esports organizations. Complexity’s esports teams have won more than 140 championships in nearly 30 game titles over its 20+ year history. Staunchly committed to passion, professionalism, and a player-first mentality, Complexity has been continuously recognized as a global leader in modern esports. For more information on Complexity, visit and follow the organization on Twitch, X, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook



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